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Umbraco Form Importer

Basic importer that allows users to import form and workflow files into different Umbraco instances. 

Please note that you will first need to export the form and workflow files from the environment you wish to transfer from. You can do so by creating your own package within the Umbraco backoffice. Simply head over to the Developer section -> Packages and click on the ellipses and choose the Create option. Give it a name like "Export Umbraco Form Files" and click the Create button. The page will reload and you will be given a wealth of options to choose from, input the necessary information under the Package Properties tab first. Head over to the "Package Files" tab and under the "Absolute path to file" click the folder icon and a popup dialog will appear, navigate over to the Umbraco forms directory, typically it will be under /App_Data/UmbracoForms/Data/forms and click on the "(Include entire folder)" option, once the popup dialog closes all you need to do now is click the "Add" button. Now that we've gotten the files we want click on the "Publish" button at the top right hand corner. Now that the package has been created, head back over to the "Package Properties" tab and navigate to the "Package file(.zip)" option and click the Download button. 

Repeat the same steps as above for the workflow files (the filepath for the workflows is: /App_Data/UmbracoForms/Data/workflows), once done you should have two zip folders with one containing the form files and the other containing the workflow files.

Special thanks to Barry Fogarty's Simple File Upload package: https://github.com/BarryFogarty/Umbraco.SimpleFileUpload, with which this project wouldn't have been possible.


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