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uMediaPicker is a new media picker that allows you to preview your media while picking the media item you wish to use.  It can preview Video, Audio and Images!

uMediaPicker comes with two datatypes:

1. MediaPicker

2. MediaPreview


The first datatype is a Media Picker for content pages that allows you to:

- Preview a supported media item while choosing the media item you wish to use.  You can navigate the media tree just as you would with the ordinary media picker, except when you pick a media item, uMediaPicker will preview it!

- Search through all your media while inside the media picker, giving you quick access to your media!

- Upload a media item!  Click the Upload Button and you will be shown a tree where you can choose a folder to upload to, then choose the file you wish to upload and click 'Upload'.  It's that simple.  If it's previewable, then the upload tool will preview it!

- Quick-preview... This is when you have chosen a media item already.  On the left of the media picker you will either be shown a 'Play' button or be shown the image you chose.  If the media item is an image then you can click it and will expand for you to see a larger version of the image.  If the media item is a Video or Audio then you will be shown a play button; click this and the media item will be previewed!


The second datatype is a Media Preview to be added to media types.  It simply previews the current uploaded media item!

P.S. I know the UI is a bit different but the new Project Belle UI inspired me :-)



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Craig Noble

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  • Package owner: Craig Noble
  • Created: 26/11/2012
  • Current version 1.5
  • License MIT
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