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  • zimmertyzim 12 posts 92 karma points
    Jul 11, 2023 @ 15:35

    v7 to v10 migration -- using old Views and Partials.

    In short: does v10 support traditional MVC Views and Partial Views?

    I need to (potentially) migrate some applications (of varying size and complexity) from v7 to v10. I am aware complete rewriting is ideal, but something time and money.

    My concern is not the backend code, refactoring and making better use of DI is not an issue. I am struggling to see how much of the original templating I need to rewrite.

    It's all .cshtml with a whole lot of:


    How much can I realistically reuse?

  • Meni 247 posts 483 karma points
    Jul 11, 2023 @ 17:26

    My website is similar and I migrated from 7 to 11.

    But, keep in mind that the code itself got changed a lot from 7 to 10/11 so you’ll have a lot of refactoring. If you want I can share my git repository, so you can compare the 7 branch to the 11 branch and see the code changes

  • zimmertyzim 12 posts 92 karma points
    Jul 11, 2023 @ 22:08

    Please Meni, that'd be a massive help.

    Did you follow any particular migration steps?

  • Meni 247 posts 483 karma points
    Jul 13, 2023 @ 05:12

    Here you go, enjoy :)

    (you have one branch to see the U7 code , and one branch for U11 code, so you can look and compare and implement in your website)

  • zimmertyzim 12 posts 92 karma points
    Jul 13, 2023 @ 09:14

    Thanks Mani, that's awesome.

    Looks like I'll get away with mainly the same Views. Really appreciate the effort!

  • Johan Reitsma 67 posts 233 karma points
    Jul 12, 2023 @ 07:21
    Johan Reitsma


    I have done like 6 sites migrating from version 7 to version 10, mostly only with CSHTML files. It's not really hard. The most significant issues are external packages that may not work anymore.

    For migrating, I prefer the following steps: Use an empty V8 environment with only a connection string set to the DB 1. migrate your DB to 8.1 2. migrate your DB to 8.18.8 3. set forms to be included in DB (forms config file)

    start an empty v10 / v11 site 4. migrate your DB to 10 / 11 using the connection string 5. Find all your "nested content" items and set the flag. (we use names like components so we apply a query for this) 6. generate the models for v10 7. copy views to the clean v10 version and now bug hunt and rename stuff.

    If you need any help send me a private message. (my response time can take some time).

  • zimmertyzim 12 posts 92 karma points
    Jul 12, 2023 @ 09:19

    Thanks for this.

    It looks like it'll be less of a headache than expected.

    I guess I'll need to migrate the database to v10 twice, once to get a solution I can work with, and then again prior to deployment to capture any new data that has been generated.

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