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Auros Public Sector Packages

This project is a collection of Umbraco packages we think are especially useful for public sector websites.

Here at Auros, we have spent many many hours, developing, testing and building these packages which enable functional Umbraco websites to be created quickly and efficiently. This project is an opportunity to share some of the development we have done in our own package library.

The kinds of sites which could use these packages is wide ranging:

Councils, NHS, Fire/Police/Ambulance services, Defence, Central government offices, Schools/Colleges/Universities, Transport.

Packages included so far are...

Access Keys
The access keys package allows accessibility keys to be defined for a website.
Video: http://vimeo.com/30901110

A to Z
The A to Z package enables editors to easily include pages in an alphabetical directory.

Accessibility Report
The Accessibility Report package uses an Auros hosted 3rd party validation tool to provide accessibility reports on Umbraco pages.
Video: http://vimeo.com/31029107

The FAQ package allows FAQ directories to be setup within the website.
Video: http://vimeo.com/30901722

The Taxonomy package enables the import and usage of ESD taxonomies within Umbraco. The package comes pre-packaged with the IPSV and LGNL taxonomies. Using more taxonomies from the ESD website is as simple as downloading the taxonomy in XML formatting and placing it into a directory within Umbraco.


Check out the demo URL to see these (and probably a few more) in action http://borsetshire.auros.co.uk

We're really keen to get feedback if you decide any of these are useful when implementing your sites.

We're also planning to blog about these existing packages and add more as we develop them!


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