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GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET | HTML5 Document Annotator

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET is a multi-format document annotation library (DLL) designed as a middleware to be easy to integrate into any web-based app, website or CMS. This package integrates the library into Umbraco CMS to add document annotation functionality to your website. Once deployed, you will be able to display documents and images of more than 50 file formats along with an annotation toolbar on any page within your website.

Key Features & Benefits:

1. Multiple File Format Support. GroupDocs.Annotation enables users to view and annotate more than 50 common business file types, including: PDF and Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, CAD drawings and raster images (TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP).

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility. Documents embedded to your website with GroupDocs.Annotation can be viewed/annotated from any web-enabled device and using any standard web-browser. Your website users don't have to install any office software or browser plugins.

3. A Comprehensive Set of Annotation Tools, including: sticky notes, arrows, rectangles, polyline, ruler, watermarks, redaction, text underline/strikethrough, etc.

4. Collaborative Annotation Sessions. GroupDocs.Annotation allows multiple users to annotate the same document at a time. Users can invite others to review a document, add annotations and reply to each other's comments in real-time. Annotated documents can then be exported to a PDF file or printed out with annotations in them.

5. Secure Document Sharing. GroupDocs.Annotation doesn't transfer documents to user machines during view/annotation sessions. The library converts documents to a web-compatible content on the server and then streams it to user browsers. Your original documents always stay on your server. Combined with the Digital Rights Management feature, this allows you to prevent users from copying, downloading or printing your important documents, while still sharing them with others. For an additional layer of security, you can apply custom watermarks and completely hide sensitive data using the redaction tool.


Please note that this package requires the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library to be installed on your server first. For more details on the library and to download a free evaluation copy, please visit GroupDocs website:https://groupdocs.com/dot-net/document-annotation-library 

For detailed package installation instructions, please see this page.


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