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  • Nathan Sleigh 109 posts 353 karma points
    Feb 14, 2017 @ 09:48
    Nathan Sleigh

    Merchello in Umbraco Cloud

    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone tried to put Merchello in Umbraco Cloud?

    And if so what issues have you seen?


  • Rusty Swayne 1655 posts 4993 karma points c-trib
    Feb 14, 2017 @ 16:41
    Rusty Swayne

    Hey Nathan,

    Merchello works on Umbraco Cloud - However, at the moment there are no data providers so you can't "deploy" things like products, invoices, customers ... so you basically have to enter data in the live environment.

    That being said, document types used for extended content (products) and everything Umbraco just works. Also, likewise, any store customization in controllers/views work just the same as any site.

  • Ayo Adesina 419 posts 1001 karma points
    Jun 09, 2018 @ 08:43
    Ayo Adesina

    I see this post is over a year old... just want to ask if there are any updates on this question....before I dive in.

    are there any data providers now to deploy things like products? or do you still have to enter these in to the live environment?

  • skp 12 posts 80 karma points
    Dec 14, 2018 @ 05:35

    Hi @Rusty

            we are trying to using Merchello with Umbraco cloud, is there are any changes we want to make manually.Please guide Us
  • Dhanesh Kumar MJ 125 posts 388 karma points
    May 25, 2020 @ 07:06
    Dhanesh Kumar MJ

    Hi All, Merchello is dead?, no updated version for Umbraco 8 :(

  • Victor 25 posts 152 karma points
    May 25, 2020 @ 12:08

    On their website they say to use Vendr for V8:

    If you ask me, their pricing is way too high for small websites and it's hard to believe you'll start using it on big sites without first trying it on smaller projects.

    My 2 cents

  • Ayo Adesina 419 posts 1001 karma points
    May 25, 2020 @ 12:39
    Ayo Adesina

    The merchello project has been taken over by Ben Howarth. I have spoken to him recently and he is in a big Umbraco 8 re-write.

    Vendr is the new kid on the block, for direct umbraco e-commerce integration.

    Pricing for vendr is not bad if it does what you need.

    I personally have just finished an umbraco e-commerce integration here:

    I used a product called SnipCart - I would highly recommend it. It’s headless e-commerce and is not tightly coupled with umbraco.

    I have used merchello in the past and even though I think it has some good concepts I personally wouldn’t use it now, it’s got too many bugs and doesn’t have enough support.

    Good luck.

  • Victor 25 posts 152 karma points
    May 25, 2020 @ 13:53

    Ayo, this looks really good, great job!

    Could you detail a bit more on how long did it take you to implement the integration, if you see any caveats and how the entire process seemed?

    I also see that 2% of the sales are directed to snipcart, you found this as something that the clients were ok with?

    Just trying to get a feel on if it's worth or not to go this path. I must admit it seems appealing.

    EDIT: What documentation did you follow? Can you share that if any?

  • Ayo Adesina 419 posts 1001 karma points
    May 25, 2020 @ 19:59
    Ayo Adesina

    The documentation for snip cart is really good. Clear, easy to follow. The support is good too, I’m based in the UK, they are in Canada time difference sometimes mean it takes a day or two for them to reply but it’s run by a small group of developers and they are very responsive to suggestions and release updates regularly.

    Things to know..... I spent a long time working out how to intergrate a post code finder.... they don’t have one out of the box at the moment. I needed that so I had to spend sometime working out how to do that....

    If you know vue.js you will have an easier time customising the behaviour to do more advanced things but generally out of the box it will cover 90% of scenarios.

    What I really like about it....

    Web hooks - you can use webhooks to provide your own logic for things like shipping options...

    So you can set a list of shipping options or store them in Umbraco and use your own logic to retrieve them....

    They also have lots of webhooks for doing things like updating an order with a tracking url when an event happens.

    2% works for this client.... at the end of the day.... no sales.... no fees....

    The admin dashboard is very clear nice features custom automated emails.... but you can turn that off and use some other mailing technique if you want.

    It’s very flexible.... so you can leave all the heavy e-commerce lifting to snipcart.... and concentrate on the umbraco side of things.

    Have a look at the demo shop.... Only takes a few lines of code to add it to your site....

    It’s platform independent.

    You can add it to a word press site if you wanted to.

    I would give it 9/10.

    And if later down the line you want to use something else.... it’s not all tightly baked in to you Umbraco code.

    Headless e-commerce is the way to go!

    Come and find me on Twitter if you need help with your integration>> @mcdarke

  • Victor 25 posts 152 karma points
    May 26, 2020 @ 05:15

    Ayo, you're a star! Thanks for taking the time to write this and also for your availability!

  • Dhanesh Kumar MJ 125 posts 388 karma points
    May 26, 2020 @ 06:33
    Dhanesh Kumar MJ

    Awesome! Ayo for this writing,now it's more clear....

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