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301 URL Tracker

URL Tracker by Infocaster

Important: the latest version can be found on NuGet, the versions listed here are out of date.


The URL Tracker, developed by Infocaster in Arnhem, The Netherlands, is used to manage URLs within Umbraco.

The URL Tracker makes url management easy. Your visitors will no longer be lost on your website as the URL Tracker watches how your website changes. Page moved or renamed? No problem! The URL Tracker knows this and directs your visitors to the right page. Not only does this provide a nice experience for your visitors, it also helps you maintain your rightful spot at the top in Google (and other search engines). The URL Tracker puts you in control by giving you the means to manage your own redirects. It can be as simple as a redirect from a url to an umbraco page, but you can make it as sophisticated as you like using Regular Expressions. The URL Tracker is an essential tool for content editors who want to migrate to a new Umbraco website, so they can guide their users to the right place.

Find out more about the URL Tracker in our documentation on GitHub.

Umbraco 9.x

The URL tracker for umbraco 9 is available via nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/UrlTracker/

Please use version 9.x.

Umbraco 8.x

The URL tracker for umbraco 8 is available via nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/UrlTracker/

Please use version 5.x.

Umbraco 7.x

The URL tracker for umbraco 7 is available via nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/UrlTracker/

Please use version 3.x.

Umbraco 7.3.0 - 7.3.5

Umbraco 7.3.0 - 7.3.5 have known issues with the URL Tracker. These are resolved in Umbraco 7.3.6 and 7.4, so please don't use 7.3.0 - 7.3.5 in combination with the URL Tracker.


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Source code

NuGet install instructions for Umbraco 9+

dotnet add package UrlTracker

Package owner

Infocaster BV

Infocaster BV

Infocaster has 111 karma points

Package Compatibility

This package is compatible with the following versions as reported by community members who have downloaded this package:
Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
Version 10.0.x (untested)
Version 9.5.x (untested)
Version 9.4.x (100%)
Version 9.3.x (100%)
Version 9.2.x (100%)
Version 9.1.x (100%)
Version 9.0.x (100%)
Version 8.18.x (100%)
Version 8.17.x (100%)
Version 8.16.x (100%)
Version 8.15.x (100%)
Version 8.14.x (100%)
Version 8.13.x (100%)
Version 8.12.x (100%)
Version 8.11.x (100%)
Version 8.10.x (100%)
Version 8.9.x (100%)
Version 8.8.x (0%)
Version 8.7.x (untested)
Version 8.6.x (untested)
Version 8.5.x (untested)
Version 8.4.x (untested)
Version 8.3.x (untested)
Version 8.2.x (untested)
Version 8.1.x (untested)
Version 8.0.x (untested)
Version 7.15.x (100%)
Version 7.14.x (100%)
Version 7.13.x (100%)
Version 7.12.x (untested)
Version 7.11.x (untested)
Version 7.10.x (100%)
Version 7.9.x (untested)
Version 7.8.x (untested)
Version 7.7.x (100%)
Version 7.6.x (33%)
Version 7.5.x (100%)
Version 7.4.x (75%)
Version 7.3.x (29%)
Version 7.2.x (75%)
Version 7.1.x (75%)
Version 7.0.x (60%)

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Package Information

  • Package owner: Infocaster BV
  • Contributors: Stefan Kip , Erik Eelman , Bart ten Velde
  • Created: 28/04/2010
  • Current version 9.0.0
  • .NET version 4.0
  • License MIT
  • Downloads on Our: 24.4K
  • Downloads on NuGet: 362K
  • Total downloads : 386.5K