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App Manager


App Manager is a developer’s package for managing Umbraco Apps and App Trees. The purpose of this package is to remove the need for direct database access in order to add new custom sections and trees to the Umbraco UI.

I don't like the fact that you need to go direct to the database in order to add (or modify) apps and app trees. Since I seem to have to keep doing it more and more I thought I would put together a package that would make it easier to manage the customisation of apps and app trees in Umbraco and offer something back that may help other developers in the community.

The current release is a beta release, although I think it is stable enough for use in a production environment you should do so at your own risk… you have been warned ;) In this release you can add/remove/modify custom apps (sections) and app trees. As a safety precaution I have removed the ability for you to be able to delete core apps and app trees, this is one feature I am hoping for feedback on, whether or not to leave this feature in as a layer of protection from corrupting the core of your install.

The current release 0.9.0 is really just a preview release for feedback. I have some ideas of additional features I would like to add to the package in future but welcome any feedback from others once they have tried it out.

As this is really just a beta release I would ask you to please consider joining my Umbraco Package Notifications mailing list* in order to keep up to date with any new releases and updates to my packages:


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Simon Dingley

Simon Dingley

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Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
Version 8.18.x (untested)

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Package Information

  • Package owner: Simon Dingley
  • Created: 13/06/2010
  • Current version 0.9.0
  • License MIT
  • Downloads on Our: 1.4K