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  • Mark 116 posts 248 karma points
    Jul 17, 2015 @ 16:05

    Complex import structure

    Some advice would be greatly appreciated here..

    I have a menu structure to import to a website:

    Menu Name
    -Category Name
    --Menu Item
    ---Menu Item Option
    --Sides Heading
    ----Side Options
    --Upgrades Heading
    ----Upgrade Options
    --Sub Category
    ---Menu Item
    ----Menu Item Option
    ---Sides Heading
    -----Side Options
    ---Upgrades Heading
    -----Upgrade Options
    ---Sub Category Heading
    ----Menu Item
    -----Menu Item Option
    ----Sides Heading
    ------Side Options
    ----Upgrades Heading
    ------Upgrade Options

    Which as you can see allows for menu items at multiple levels. I have made a spreadsheet with columns:

    Sub Category
    Sub Category Heading
    Upgrades Heading
    Upgrade Name
    Upgrade Option
    Sides Heading
    Side Name
    Side Option
    Menu Item
    Menu Item Sub Recipe

    The structure of the site is non negotiable as it's for an already established client and it must match the offline menu structure.

    My issue is, when importing, everything is done via child steps to get the structure, which works great, but.. Items that are in Sub Categories or below are duplicated in Categories.

    I am using recursive imports, and selecting the parent Category/Sub Category/Sub Category Heading/etc. as the foreign key (I was originally using an id generated for each parent item based on concatenating columns to generate a unique id, but that didn't appear to help).

    What is the best way for me to do this? There are currently 27 import steps, so going through and editing them to change parent columns / Ids is a bit time consuming, and this will need to be used to import to different nodes as there are multiple menus available.

    I figure this is happening because items are available at multiple levels, so CMS Import matches each product in every available location?

    Any pointers would be great, if more info is needed, please just ask.

  • Richard Soeteman 3708 posts 11460 karma points MVP
    Jul 18, 2015 @ 07:02
    Richard Soeteman

    Hi Mark,

    Wow this is a huge structure indeed, make sure id's are unique since CMSImport doesn't look at parents for the relations.

    But isn't the structure in content very complex to maintain in Umbraco, why migrate and then don't optimize the structure?



  • Mark 116 posts 248 karma points
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 14:19

    Actually, the structure is quite nice and flexible in Umbraco, it allows for items to be easily sortable, which is important as like I said, this all matches up with the offline version of the menu, but yes, importing to it is a little tricky..

    I'm trying to make Ids unique, but I think my trouble is because I can't state that a menu item will only appear in say a sub category and everything is coming from a single spreadsheet.

    I guess I need to separate menu items into different columns for Category/Sub Category/Sub Category Heading. At the moment I have menu items in just one column, but as I said, because menu items can appear at different levels they are being picked up by multiple import steps. It's not ideal as I'll have to go through and edit my spreadsheets to move items into different columns depending on what level they sit at. Perhaps I can write a macro to do it as it will have to be done each time a menu is updated.

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