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This icon template was intended for use with Umbraco v3 to v6 back-office sections. It is no longer relevant for Umbraco v7+.

Custom Section Tray Icon Template

The Custom Section Tray Icon Template is a PSD (Photoshop format) for developers who want to quickly create an icon in the tray for their custom section (in the Umbraco back-office), and don't want to be limited to the default Umbraco 'traysprites.png' images.

The dimensions are 49px width by 36px height.

The "icon" part is roughly 25px width by 25px height.

The "text" font-face is Arial, 8pt, Black (aka "#000000" or "rgb(0,0,0)").

The PSD was created in Photoshop 7 - as it's the only licensed copy I personally own, (never had a need for the CS-family editions).

An XCF version (for GIMP and other open-source image-editor programs) has been created by Kristian Frost (special thanks for releasing this).

A PDN version (for Paint.NET) is also available. However you will need to recreate the text layer on this version, as editing text is not supported by Paint.NET.

I have attributed the WTFPL license, so please do whatever you like with this PSD, I use it for my Umbraco custom section, I thought it would be nice to share it with the rest of the world!


Cheers, Lee.


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  • Package owner: Lee Kelleher
  • Contributors: Kristian Frost
  • Created: 26/01/2010
  • Current version 1.0
  • License WTFPL
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