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Dictionary Extension

An extension to the UmbracoHelper with several ease of life improvements

Using the new method `Umbraco.GetDictionaryValueAndCreateDictionaryItem(string key, string fallback="")` you can create dictionary items code first by simply requesting them in your code. It's no longer necessary to manually create the dictionary items under Umbraco -> Settings.

"Folders" in the dictionary is created based on the name of the key, example:

The key "Foo_Bar_Key" will be placed in Dictionary -> "Foo" -> "Bar"

The method has 3 "creation modes":


  • "key": This will initialize the dictionary item with the dictionary key stored in the dictionary (This is the default mode)
  • "fallback": This will initialize the dictionary item with the fallback value stored in the dictionary
  • "empty": This will initialize the dictionary item without a value


The creation mode can be set by modifying the app.config key: "KXB.Umbraco.UmbracoDictionaryExtension.CreationMode"


Using `Umbraco.GetDictionaryItemsForPrefix(string prefix)` or `GetDictionaryValuesForPrefix(string prefix)` you can retrieve dictionary values for a given prefix.


`Umbraco.GetDictionaryItemsForPrefix("Foo.")` could return dictionary items with the following keys:


  • "Foo.Bar"
  • "Foo.Foo"
  • "Foo.Foo.Bar"      



App config keys and their usage:

"KXB.Umbraco.UmbracoDictionaryExtension.CreationMode" determines what values is stored in newly created keys. Valid options are "key" (default), "fallback", "empty"

"KXB.Umbraco.UmbracoDictionaryExtension.SeparationSymbol" determines which symbol is used to separate "folders" in the names of dictionary keys. Default value is "_"


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Johannes Giske

Johannes Giske

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Version 8.18.x (untested)

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  • Package owner: Johannes Giske
  • Created: 17/03/2017
  • Current version 1.1.0
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