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Doc Type Extensions


This package installs a series of additional Context Menu items to help when working with doc types.

Swap Master Doc Type
Swap Master Doc Type allows you to swap a doc types master doc type.

During the conversion, properties can be mapped over to prevent data loss where possible (It currently only supports "like for like" data type conversions). On confirmation, any document which uses the select doc type automaticaly has it's properties convereted, and the doc type is updated (Nodes aren't currently republished, so this would require a manual step).

Extract Master Doc Type
Extract Master Doc Type allows you to extract a master doc type from an existing doc type (think of it as refactoring for doc types).

During the extraction, you can define which properties to move to the new doc type. After extraction, the origional doc type is automatically set to inherit the new doc type.



Umbraco 4.5
.NET 3.5
SQL Server 2005+



Please raise any issues on the forum below. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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