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Provides a property value converter that creates a strongly typed model of the Umbraco grid and its controls/editors.

The base package (Our.Umbraco.GridValueConverters) contains:

  • The strongly typed models (interfaces and classes) for the grid, sections, rows, areas, controls and editors;
  • The property value converter for the Umbraco grid (GridValueConverter);
  • JsonConverters that use a resolver to convert control and editor interfaces to specific types when deserializing (GridControlConverter for Grid.IControl and GridEditorConverter for Grid.IEditor);
  • A resolver that resolves control and editor types based on the editor properties (GridControlsResolver);
  • GridControlAttribute that can be applied to control classes and is used by default to specify for which grid editor alias or view the control must be resolved;
  • Two methods for setting the resolver: ApplicationEventHandler and GridWebBootManager (the latter could be used when integrating to Umbraco core);
  • A base class for controls with HTML-encoded values (HtmlGridControl);
  • HTML helpers for rendering conditional HTML tags, grid tags and grid controls.

The default package (Our.Umbraco.GridValueConverters.Default) contains:

  • Models for default Umbraco grid controls (embed, macro, media, rte and textstring);
  • Partial views for rendering the strongly typed model (compatible with @Html.GetGridHtml()).




This package is available as NuGet and Umbraco package. The recommended install method is NuGet:

PM> Install-Package Our.Umbraco.GridValueConverters

PM> Install-Package Our.Umbraco.GridValueConverters.Default


The Umbraco grid property editor stores it's value/content in the database as JSON. The default (built-in) property value converter merges the saved JSON with the grid editor configuration (so it's always current) and returns a Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject.

After installing this package, the default property value converter is replaced/extended to return a Our.Umbraco.GridValueConverters.Models.Grid. Nothing more, nothing less: now you're ready to use the strongly typed model - with autocomplete/IntelliSense - in your views... It's just like magic!

Well, actually not real magic:

  • The JSON object is converted/deserialized to the strongly typed model using Newtonsoft.Json;
  • Grid controls and editors are interfaces, so JsonConverters are used to convert these to specific types using a resolver;
  • The resolver is set up to load all Grid.IControl types on application start and call IsControlEditor(), untill it finds the specific type for the requested grid editor;
  • The default Grid.Control type has an implementation of the IsControlEditor() method that checks for the GridControlAttribute attribute and calls the IsControlEditor() method of the attribute. This makes it possible to change this implementation in 2 different ways:
    • Implement your own Grid.IControl;
    • Inherit from the attribute (but keep in mind: this only works if the control where the attribute is applied inherits from Grid.Control).
HTML Helpers
The base package includes HTML helpers to make rendering the grid a little easier.

To render rows and areas with optional settings (configuration/attributes and styles), to following helper can be used:

@using (Html.BeginGridTag(Grid.ISettings gridSettings, string tagName = "div", object htmlAttributes = null))

Using the same syntax, conditional tags can be rendered (if the condition is false, only the opening and closing tags will be omitted):

@using (Html.BeginTag(string tagName, bool condition = true, object htmlAttributes = null))

Grid controls are basically just partial views in a predefined folder (Views\Grid\Partials\Editors). The partial view name, however, can be retrieved/inferred from the editors renderview or alias properties (if not explicitly defined). The equivalents of @Html.Partial() and Html.RenderPartial() are:

@Html.GridControl(Grid.IControl gridControl, string partialViewName = null)
Html.RenderGridControl(Grid.IControl gridControl, string partialViewName = null)

Default grid controls

The default package includes views for rendering the 4 default frameworks (Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 2 fuild, Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 3 fluid) and the following controls/editors:

  • embed (EmbedGridControl): embed HTML code;
  • macro (MacroGridControl): the value contains the macro alias and parameters;
  • media (MediaGridControl): the value contains the image details (id, image URL, focal point, alternate text and caption) and the editor config the predefined image size. Also has methods to easily get the crop URL: GetCropUrl() and GetCrop();
  • rte (RteGridControl): HTML code with parsed internal links and resolved URLs;
  • textstring (TextstringGridControl): HTML encoded value with applied markup and styles from the editor config.

  • Add tests;
  • Benchmark conversions/lookups and cache resulting control and editor types by grid alias (if needed);
  • Proxy control to dynamic object (for full backwards compatibility);
  • Add example Examine indexer;
  • Integrate into Umbraco core!
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version 0.1.0

NuGet install instructions for Umbraco versions below 9

Install-Package Our.Umbraco.GridValueConverters

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Ronald Barendse

Ronald Barendse

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Package Compatibility

This package is compatible with the following versions as reported by community members who have downloaded this package:
Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
Version 11.0.x (untested)
Version 10.2.x (untested)
Version 10.1.x (untested)
Version 10.0.x (untested)
Version 9.5.x (untested)
Version 9.4.x (untested)
Version 9.3.x (untested)
Version 9.2.x (untested)
Version 9.1.x (untested)
Version 9.0.x (untested)
Version 8.18.x (untested)

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Package Information

  • Package owner: Ronald Barendse
  • Created: 17/11/2017
  • Current version 0.1.0
  • .NET version 4.5
  • License MIT
  • Downloads on Our: 516
  • Downloads on NuGet: 9.2K
  • Total downloads : 9.7K

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