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Quixote tests with Razor

Using Rob Conerys testing micro framework for WebMatrix in Umbraco

Note that this is a very early version, I have been using it very briefly in production and found it both helpful and fun - so I liked to share it already. The Quixote.cs is expected to change quite a lot especially in the beginning, I intend to update this package as Quixote is updated.


Add this package and you can write BDD like tests in Razor code; for example to check that a page has the right title, the right number of links, contains no "error" text. I also added a sample to look for all pages for "error" texts.

Install the package and run the test by opening mysite.com/quixote

Edit the tests in the razor scripts in the /tests folder

Test examples https://github.com/robconery/Quixote/blob/master/Examples/Basics.cshtml

Tip: Run the tests manually or scheduled with the help of the Scheduler package - with that you can get daily test reports to your email inbox (before your client calls you and asks whats wrong).

Here's how some sample tests could like:

 @TheFollowing.Describes("Testing root page /:")
    @It.Should("have the right title", () => {
        return Runner.Get("~/").Title.ShouldEqual("Starterkit start page");

    @It.Should("have correct number of links", () => {
        return Runner.Get("~/").Links.ShouldHaveACountOf(23);

    @It.Should("contain no error", () => {
        return Runner.Get("~/").Body.ShouldNotContain("Error");

    @It.Should("contain 'Runway' somewhere on page", () => {
        return Runner.Get("~/").Body.ShouldContain("Runway");

In version 0.2 (which is also experimental) : I added w3c-validations:

    @It.Should("validate", () => {
          return "mysite.com".UrlShouldValidate();

I also added a simplified default test script for any dynamic node. For now it tests for error texts and validates. See screen shot 2 "Default test ..." Use it like this:


Look at the first screen shot below. It tells us that the title of the startpage is wrong, otherwise everything is correct. If some of the child pages should have a Xslt or Razor error we would get a red row for that page.

In the second screen shot we see version 0.2 running with validations. We see that no page validates - which is no surprise as the site runs on localhost. When run on a live site though, it works as expected. It's using the online w3c xhtml validator and looks for the success string. I don't know if it's recommended to use the validator in an automated way like this?



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