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Due to the number of packages I now have to maintain, I am looking at dropping support for a number of older packages, this of which is one of them. If you would like to see support for this package continue, please consider contributing. 

SiteMapAppTree is a utility dll for developers that allows any standard .net .sitemap file to be turned into an app tree.

All sitemap nodes are mapped into tree nodes, with the click action of the node set to open the sitemap nodes URL in the right hand pane.

This is a great utility class for anybody integrating 3rd party systems and allows you to get an app tree up and running super quick.


Just drop the relevant dll in your bin folder (there is one for Umbraco 4.0.x and one for Umbraco 4.5.x) then setup your app tree in the umbracoAppTree database table. A set of example values would be:

treeSilent - False
treeInitialize - True
treeSortOrder - 0
appAlias - myAppAlias
treeAlias - myTreeAlias
treeTitle - My Tree Title
treeIconClosed - folder.gif
treeIconOpen - folder_o.gif
treeHandlerAssembly - TheOutfield.UmbExt.SiteMapAppTree
treeHandlerType - loadSiteMapAppTree
action - NULL

The import fields here for SiteMapAppTree to work are treeAlias, treeHandlerAssembly and treeHandlerType.

treeHandlerAssembly and treeHandlerType must be exactly as entered above.

treeAlias can be anything you want it to be, but you'll need to note it down for the following.

So that SiteMapAppTree knows which sitemap to load, in your web.config setup a sitemap provider and set it's name to be treeAliasSiteMapProvider, so using the examples above, you would need a sitemap provider with the name myTreeAliasSiteMapProvider to be registered.

SiteMapAppTree will then load the sitemap and generate the app tree.

Within the sitemap, the following attributes are used:

title - The title of the node
url - The URL to open in the right hand pane
iconurl - If defined on the root node, the default icon graphic to use, or on any other node, the icon to use for that node only (iconurl should just be a filename, and that file should be in /umbraco/images/umbraco)

SiteMapAppTree will also perform Security Trimming.


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  • Package owner: Matt Brailsford
  • Created: 02/09/2010
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