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SQL Scripts

A set of SQL scripts for performing various tasks that may fail in the back-office.

Use at your own risk!

I have tried to optimize these to the best of my knowledge.  I am no SQL DBA, but have some experience.  Each script has a Select output of what will be deleted, to delete, uncomment the delete statements and comment the select statement.

The scripts:

  • Delete Child Nodes - Deletes all descendants of the specified node.  Can also delete specified node with small alteration.  Useful for emptying the Recycle Bin.
  • Delete Old Versions - Deletes old versions of all documents but keeps the most recent x number or anything newer than a specified date.
  • SQL DBO - Changes the owner of the tables in the database to DBO.
  • Create Missing PropertyData records - This is a unique situation script - If you have a very large site, add a property, the back office may fail to add the property to all the documents.  This script will create those entries.
  • Recover Property Data - We've all done it, deleted the property from the document type editor.. crud, I needed that data..  This SQL Script will recover the specified property data from the ContentXml or PreviewXml
Do you have a sql script to contribute?  email me at   [email protected]
Do you have a sql script request?  Ask in the forum below.


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