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uSiteBuilder is a framework made for .NET developers to simplify, speedup and take Umbraco development to the next level. The aim of this framework is to reduce developer interaction with Umbraco back-end (browser based development), to create Umbraco websites in a more .NET way and to automate deployments.

The main features of the framework will allow you to:

  1. Design your document types as classes in Visual Studio.
  2. Design your templates as master pages in Visual Studio.
  3. Use code-behind in your templates.
  4. No xslts and no macros.
  5. Use strongly typed templates to render a specific document type.
  6. Use strongly typed user controls to render a specific document type.

Because of these functionalities you get the following:

  1. Compile-time error checks for document types and templates.
  2. Source controlled document types, templates, user controls etc...
  3. Support for Unit testing and Continuous Integration.
  4. Ability to work on large scale projects with multiple team members each having his/her own installation and database.
  5. Support for automated deployments.
  6. Much easier code maintenance since development through Umbraco website is reduced to minimum.
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