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  • Kevin Jump 1778 posts 11419 karma points MVP 4x c-trib
    Aug 19, 2014 @ 13:59
    Kevin Jump

    Release Note: uSync 2.4 for Umbraco 7.1

    Number of little fixes in v2.4 - and one big content mapping thing:

    Content and media IDs now travel! (MNTP goodness) DataTypes that store the ID of a content or media node, would not sync across umbraco installations because the contentID or mediaID would be diffrent between versions.

    In this version of uSync - we map the IDs to paths, then at the other end map them back to IDs - so MultiNodeTree pickers (and a few other types) now take their content node id's with them.

    what nodes contain IDs can be controlled in usyncsettings.config

    Prevalue minimum changes Some datatypes, where getting new prevalue IDs every-time usync ran regardless of changes - this now doesn't happen, and as a result some of the datatypes sync quicker.

    Saving all the prevalues when you change just pre-values on some datatypes, the umbraco saved event is fired before the prevalues are actually saved. (see issue: U4-5353) - usync now does a little pause before saving datatypes to get the prevalues too..

    Export cleans up first Clicking export in the UI now deletes the relevant folders before doing an export, so you know for sure(tm) that it's a new export

    Archive Maximum new setting available (maxVersions) to limit the number of archived versions stored in usync.archive

    New Templates When you create a doctype and tick create a new template, uSync now captures the create of that doctype (previously you had to go save the doctype)

  • Nicholas Westby 1950 posts 6608 karma points c-trib
    Aug 19, 2014 @ 18:10
    Nicholas Westby

    I'm glad to see these improvements. Though, I do have some questions/feedback about this release.

    • The ability to map MNTP ID's based on path is useful in theory. However, I will often create some document types, then create the content nodes using those document types, then create a MNTP based on one of those nodes, then deploy all of that to another environment. In that scenario, the most common for me, the MNTP would be created at the same time as the document types, leaving me no time to create content node to get an ID for the MNTP to use.
      • If there were a config option to create nodes that don't exist at a path, that feature could be of use.
    • Also, is the tracking of templates in the Umbraco database and the tracking of templates on the file system still coupled together? Would be nice if I could disable tracking of templates on the file system (I already handle that using Git), but still track templates in the Umbraco database (so Umbraco is aware of templates so they can be assigned to document types).
      • Basically, if uSync overwrites templates on the file system, that conflicts with Git deployments.
  • Kevin Jump 1778 posts 11419 karma points MVP 4x c-trib
    Aug 19, 2014 @ 19:05
    Kevin Jump


    Creating the content nodes - yeah usync.contentedition will do that - it would capture the creation of those nodes and then if installed at both ends create the content and tree at the other end. it would do it a bit backwards (content edition runs after usnyc - because it needs doctypes to work) but a double pass (so things ran through twice) would solve that, and you would have your content and your MNTP pointing at it.

    Tracking templates - the way usnyc (and the internal umbraco api) work is that the template files are only touched / created on the first sync. After that usync only syncs the database bit, and doesn't touch the files. So it's whatever you choose to sync from your master-page/views folder that will be used by umbraco - also I think (although i've not checked) that even if it's the first time if the template exists then it will not overwrite what is on the disk. - making it work nicely with git deployments (hopefully)

  • Pushpendra Singh 61 posts 116 karma points
    Aug 20, 2014 @ 17:08
    Pushpendra Singh

    Hi Kevin,

    I want to import all the below items :

    • Document (Content) Types
    • Data Types
    • Templates
    • Macros
    • contents
    • media

    is this possible in usync or is there any package or tool which can provide all the umbraco items import and export functionality.


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