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uTestingService is a webservice with wrappers around Node and Document to allow for end-end testing of Umbraco. This is particularly useful in combination with Selenium and should allow you to verify that documents and/or nodes are being correctly added/modified/delete if you have hooked into the umbraco api.

If you download the codeplex source, then there is a test project

Once installed, you should be able to add a service reference in your .net test project using the url http://localhost/umbraco/webservices/uTestingService.asmx
If it doesn't work, you may have the Documentation protocol disabled -> look under web.config system.web/webServices/protocols for an entry

Just remove that, save, add the service reference, then add the line back in.

There is basic security and by default, the webservice will only respond to localhost clients. You can add an appsetting key: uTestingServiceAllowedIps as a comma delimited list of ips that are allowed. Also, note that if you are using the Cultiv EnvironmentIndicator environment appsetting, then the service will not run if environment is set to live.

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