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  • Eran 292 posts 436 karma points
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 19:51

    folders synchronization

    Thanks for the nice package! already vote for it.

    i have few questions regards to your package:

    1. after i add master page through Umbraco, i run the bat file and it copy it fine, but i'm still can't
      see it from VS. i need to manual add the master page. same with all the folders (css, scripts etc.).
      i refresh the folders in VS but still its the same. is that a bug or vs limitaton?
    2. i want to add the solution to source control and work in team enviroment. we will work with one centralized DB and each developer will have its own local umbraco website. i read all the forum posts about it but still i dont understand few thigs and maybe you can help me:
      whice folders do i need to keep synched between the developers?
      i mean for example if i add new media through Umbraco it also creates it under my local media folder, so do i need to add the media folder to the solution and to the source control? (to enable the other developers to have it. the same principle like master pages) is there other folders like this?
    3. regards to the bat file: is there a way to run it within visual studio?



  • Malte Baden Hansen 61 posts 158 karma points
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 20:25
    Malte Baden Hansen

    Thank you =)

    The issue about the files not being visible in visual studio is because it only shows files that are included in the project.
    To see the file, and include it in your project, you need to click this little icon.

    Then you will be able to see the file, rightclick the file and then click "include in project" in the context menu.
    Then the file will be visible in visual studio.

    As to which folders you need to keep synced, all folders that contain files not related to the umbraco cms, should be kept in source control.
    But you are right about the media folder.
    Although im not sure about the best way to do that, but you should be able to add the media folder (and all subfolders) to the umbraco project, and then copy the files on build.

    But it would most likely result in some problems after a while if the folder structure gets messed up or out of sync.
    What files are you adding to the media section?

    And about running the bat file from inside visual studio, im not really sure.
    But running that batfile should only be nessicary when creating the master pages, as they are the only ones atm that needs to be added in the database.

    But im playing with the thought about letting a visual studio plugin do some of the work for you, that is, adding the master pages and other stuff that require modifying the umbraco database.
    But for now that is only a idea.

  • Eran 292 posts 436 karma points
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 23:41

    thanks for answer.

    "What files are you adding to the media section?"

    when i build new site i'm using design assets like the logo etc. (that saved in images and thats working great) and most of the time i'm also do the initial content publish for the client. this stage require me to act like the client, and use the umbraco backoffice to create new content and upload new images -  exactly in the same way like the client do. this images is saved off course into the media folder, so i want to keep it synched between all the developers. maybe the solution to this problem is to add the media folder to the solution and to the bat file. (and like master pages - always create them from umbraco and then run the bat).

    so in general, if you want to enable a developer to download the solution from source control, build it and run it properly. i'm thinking that you must include within the solution (and by that within the source control) all the folders that this project needs: css, master, scripts etc AND few other folders like media, config, app_code? more?

  • Malte Baden Hansen 61 posts 158 karma points
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 11:03
    Malte Baden Hansen

    Yeah, imo thats the best way of working with media and images in umbraco, design assets in images folder and content related media in the media section =)
    Right now i can't think of more folders that will be nessecary.
    If you find any cool ways of managing the media folder in source control using the umbraco project solution, i'd be interested in hearing what you find out.


  • Eran 292 posts 436 karma points
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 11:11
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