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Easy Values (jesper.com)

The main goal is to help your webmaster with updating the content in a consistent manner. 

Of course anyone can go go the property pane to update the name (and address) of a node. But it isnt necessay ideal. If you could choose - would you put the nodeName property on the Propterty tab every time. I dont think so.

Here goes some small easy property names that allows for easy updating between headlines and other stuff. Also some default date and time fields.

It's really nothing fancy. It's just what I do in most projects to make it even more easy to work with content in Umbraco. 

Good luck

Jesper Ordrup

Smart headline?

Add a property with alias umbHeadline on any content tab.
This property will take the name of the nodeName upon creation. Now you can change the headline without changing address.

Want to sync a property with nodeName?

Add a property to any tab and name the alias umbName.
This is ideal for all those small content stuff where you want to update a property on say your content tab AND you want the nodename (and tree) to be consistently the same.

Want a default date or time or?

Add a property of datepicker to any tab. Name it umbDate  
This is ideal for having an autocreated date that can be altered.

Are you a developer?

This is just a .cs file that you can update in the /App_Code folder.

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