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  • David Conlisk 432 posts 1008 karma points
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 08:41
    David Conlisk

    Issues when expanding the CWS

    I've installed the CWS to use as the foundation for a new site. Here are a couple of issues I've come across when coming from that angle, i.e. trying to expand it with new doctypes, user controls, etc. Nothing earth-shattering here but I thought I'd give some constructive feedback anyway.

    1. Having form tags in the Master Template can cause problems. For example if I want to create a page with a file upload. In this case I need to have a form with the enctype="multipart/form-data" attribute. However, if I add a form to my user control it causes an error, because then you have two forms in your page which is not allowed by .NET. As per Doug's comments here "insert [form tags] only when/if you need them. Keep the tags as close to the location you need them as possible."

    2. A minor point this one, but I think it's best to keep the name "ContentPlaceHolderDefault" for the main ContentPlaceHolder in your master templates. Otherwise when a user creates a new template in the CWS and chooses the Master template it will break immediately - until the user changes the name of the ContentPlaceHolderID to match the Umbraco internal master template (i.e. from "ContentPlaceHolderDefault" to "ChildContent"). It will also break if the user changes from using the CWS master template to no master template, or vice versa.



  • Warren Buckley 2087 posts 4568 karma points MVP 6x admin hq c-trib
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 10:07
    Warren Buckley

    Hi David thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.

    In regards to the first point I put the form runat="server" tags high in the main master as I was attempting to make the CWS site work with Canvas editing.
    For you to fix your upload problem cant you just use an asp:upload control  in a usercontrol?

    For the second point this is something I have not considered and will most likely fix in a next minor version where there are enough items/bugs to warrant me doing a next minor version. If you wouldn't mind adding it to Codeplex then I won't forget about it.


  • David Conlisk 432 posts 1008 karma points
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 10:44
    David Conlisk

    No worries Warren!

    1. You're right - using an asp:upload control in my user control works just fine.

    2. I've added the second point to codeplex, here:



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