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  • FriendlyWebGuy 3 posts 23 karma points
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 16:55

    Can you disable use of .LESS and only use CSS files?

    I'm new to Umbraco and am probably missing something easy to find but any suggestions would be useful.

    I've been trying out the newest package (good work btw!) and have been trying to port over a purchased set of bootstrap templates that only came with CSS files. The info page for your package says its supports CSS and LESS, but I can't see how to disable the use of LESS and just use CSS files.

    I tried removing all the .less files from Combres.config and over writing the theme.css with my templates file, also adding the other CSS files but it doesnt pick up the CSS from other files (changed the clientDependancy version number, many times) and looking at the .axd file its only a few lines long as if its only finding one item.

    The end result was a totally unthemed page, so rolled it back to the "out of the box" set up. Tried setting defaultDebugEnabled in combres.config to true to see if that did something different (like not squash the files and show in normal css links but no such luck).

    Would be nice to try and do something properly, otherwise I might just remove the references to less and link up the CSS files manually, but that seems a waste when you've got a good system in place.

    Dave Grey (FriendlyWebGuy)



  • Jorge Lusar 150 posts 489 karma points
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 12:11
    Jorge Lusar

    Hi Dave,

    Sorry, but I´m afraid I have not had the chance to update the documentation and explain how to use css instead of .less.

    So here´s the thing:

    1) Have a look at the Combres config file in config/Combres.config, and you should find something like this:

        <resourceSet name="themeCss" type="css">
          <resource path="~/css/bootstrap/bootstrap.css" />
          <resource path="~/css/font/font-awesome.css" />
          <resource path="~/css/bootstrap/theme.css" />
          <resource path="~/css/bootstrap/bootstrap-responsive.css" />

    This has the instructions of how to minify your css. Feel free to extend this and add your own css files.

    2) Go to you masterpages/Public.master and in line 8 replace this:

        <%= Combres.WebExtensions.CombresLink("themeCss") %>

    That should do it. Hope it helps.



  • FriendlyWebGuy 3 posts 23 karma points
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 12:22

    Hi Jorge,

    Thanks for the pointers. I will try out those suggestions tomorrow at work, looks easy enough to swap over when you know where to look!


  • ... 20 posts 41 karma points
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 11:16


    I'm having real trouble getting this to work.

    I've followed the instructions above and nothing changes.
    The minified versions of the files are still being served to the page.

    What I'd ideally like to do is work on the css files without them being minified, but this doesn't seem to be possible?






  • Jorge Lusar 150 posts 489 karma points
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 16:48
    Jorge Lusar

    Hi D,

    I believe this is actually another question, as your problem is that you do not want your files to be minified while you're developing the application on debug mode.

    I think you have to switch the attribute defaultDebugEnabled to 'auto' or 'true' as in this example on the combres configuration file.



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