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Banner Management

A very simple banner management system, that might be of use to somebody else.

Objective: Management of bannertags, for use with, fo  example AdTech, Doubleclick, Google AdSense, Other/homegrown banner delivery system - and loading these via jquery.

Concept: The macro "bannerplacement" is placed in template, or content, with reference to a banner-node. The macro "bannermanager" is placed on the  main masterpage, and does the rendering of content of the bannertag.

Credits: Noah (http://github.com/iamnoah) for the writeCapture script. 

More to come... 


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Søren Eriksen-Aagreen

Søren Eriksen-Aagreen

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  • Package owner: Søren Eriksen-Aagreen
  • Created: 30/03/2010
  • Current version 0.1
  • License MIT
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