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This is a lightweight package that enables /sitemap.xml at the root of an umbraco website. This package is configured using appSettings.

Install in Umbraco CMS

Command Line

dotnet add package Our.Umbraco.Blend.Sitemap

Or Nuget

Install-Package Our.Umbraco.Blend.Sitemap


In the Startup.cs there is a configuration you need to add for /sitemap.xml path to render.

In the app.UseUmbraco() Under .WithEndpoints(u => add:


This will use the route /sitemap.xml declared in the controller.


If there are no settings for the sitemap in the appSettings.json file nothing will be dispalyed.


In the root of your appSettings.json you can configure custom settings. You can also use appSettings.[Environment].json to have specific settings for every environment.

"Sitemap": {
    "ExcludeBoolFieldAlias": "aliasBoolField",
    "CacheMinutes": "15",
    "IncludePageImages": false,
    "IncludePageDocuments": false,
    "DocumentTypes: [
            "Aliases": [ "homePage" ],
            "ChangeFrequency": "daily"
            "Priority": "1.0"
            "Aliases": [ "newsList", "eventsList", "landingPage" ],
            "ChangeFrequency": "weekly"
            "Priority": "0.9"
            "Aliases": [ "standardPage", "news", "event" ],
            "ChangeFrequency": "monthly"
            "Priority": "0.5"

Sitemap is the root object and is required.

Sitemap.CacheMinutes is an optional integer. When filled in the sitemap will be cached for that many minutes before rebuilding. If a document type with an alias is Published, Unpublished, Copied, Moved, Moved To Recycling Deleted, or Rolled Back the cache will be cleared and regenerated on next load. If left blank the default is 15 minutes.

Sitemap.ExcludeBoolFieldAlias is an optional string. When filled in all documents to display will use this field to determine if that document should be excluded.

Sitemap.IncludePageImage is an optional boolean default false. When true will add image:image > image:loc into each page that are referenced on the page. Image amd umbracoMediaVectorGraphics are classified as image types.

Sitemap.IncludePageDocuments is an optional boolean default false. When true will add document that isn't an image type as a url with the same changeFrequency and priority as the document it was referenced on.

Sitemap.DocumentTypes is a required array of document type groups to be in the sitemap. Each group change frequency and priority will apply to that group's aliases.

Sitemap.DocumentType.Aliases is a required array of strings. The aliases of the document type to be included in sitemap.

Sitemap.DocumentType.ChangeFrequency is an optional string. Options for this are alwayshourlydailyweeklymonthlyyearly, and never. If not filled in these document types will not have the property.

Sitemap.DocumentType.Priority is an optional string. Options for this are 0.1 thorugh 0.9 and 1.0. If not filled in these document types will not have the property.

NuGet install instructions for Umbraco 9+

dotnet add package Our.Umbraco.Blend.Sitemap

Package owner

Chase Burandt

Chase Burandt

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Package Information

  • Package owner: Chase Burandt
  • Created: 16/05/2022
  • Current version 10.0.0
  • License MIT
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  • Downloads on NuGet: 7.2K
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