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Cultiv Search Engine Sitemap

This package creates a sitemap that can be submitted to different search engines.

Note: a Razor edition is seperately available from the downloads at the bottom of this page. Grab it while it's hot!

No need to install any of the other packages with compiled DLL's, this is just an XSLT / Razor file so it is extremely flexible and very light-weight. I would go so far as saying that this is the best, easiest, and simplest Umbraco sitemap package out there, period. 

The resulting sitemap is 100% compliant with the sitemap XML specification on http://www.sitemaps.org/protocol.php
Therefore, this sitemap will work for Google and all the other search engines that support this protocol (should be all of them).

This package outputs the URL and the modified date, optionally you can add the update frequency and importance by adding these properties to your document types (and filling them in):
- searchEngineSitemapChangeFreq
- searchEngineSitemapPriority

Valid values for change frequency are: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
Valid values for priority are: 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0

Of course this package will look at the umbracoNaviHide property to make sure it's not showing inaccessible pages.

After installing this package, the sitemap will be available under the URL http://yoursite.com/cultivsearchenginesitemap.aspx - To make this URL a bit shorter, you can rename the template to (for example) Sitemap and the URL can be changed to http://yoursite.com/sitemap.aspx

To make sure all of the search engines pick up your sitemap, point them to it in your robots.txt file, just add a line like this:


Sitemap: http://yoursite.com/sitemap.aspx

Tip: To make a reference to the sitemap in multisites in Umbraco, use my Dynamic Robots package. Also, to update the robots.txt file from within Umbraco, use the Robots.txt Editor package.

XSLT Editition
Changed in v1.0.1:

- You don't have to manually specify your site URL any more, it is now automatically generated in the XSLT.

Changed in v2.0.0:
- Now compatible with both Umbraco 4.0.x and 4.5.x (no seperate download, this will work in both version with the legacy or new XML schema).

Changed in v2.0.1:
- Made the times 24 hour compatible


Razor Edition
- First release, same features as the XSLT edition

- When using "useDomainPrefixes" you now get the correct URL's
- Better checking for "umbracoNaviHide"
- Fix bug with empty template detection

- Sometimes, the umbraco generated URL starts with a slash, leading to double slashes in the full URL (for example: http://test.com//home). This is now fixed.
- The priority node was called changefreq

- Updated to use the v7 API


Package owner

Sebastiaan Janssen

Sebastiaan Janssen

Sebastiaan has 15514 karma points

Package Compatibility

This package is compatible with the following versions as reported by community members who have downloaded this package:
Works on Umbraco Cloud
Version 8.18.x (untested)

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Previously reported to work on versions: 7.15.x, 7.14.x, 7.12.x, 7.8.x, 7.4.x, 7.3.x, 7.1.x

Package Information

  • Package owner: Sebastiaan Janssen
  • Contributors: Ove Andersen
  • Created: 08/07/2009
  • Current version 2.0.1
  • .NET version 4.5
  • License MIT
  • Downloads on Our: 23.3K

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