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  • Arnim Anhut 137 posts 147 karma points
    Nov 11, 2013 @ 12:46
    Arnim Anhut

    After publish the node is lost from index


    I'm running FullTextSearch (current) on umb6.1.6. When I create the index using the developer panel everything is fine.

    But as soon as I change a page and publish it again it is no more listed in the search results. After an "Re-Index" erverything is working again.

    What could go wrong?


    Thanx, Arnim.

  • Governor Technology 146 posts 551 karma points
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 11:04
    Governor Technology

    Hi Arnim

    Can you please provide your FullTextSearch.config settings as well as your FullTextSearch configurations in ExamineIndex.config and ExamineSettings.config. I'll attempt to reproduce the issue based on these.

    Many thanks,


  • Arnim Anhut 137 posts 147 karma points
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 10:57
    Arnim Anhut

    Hello Rigardt,

    here are my Files:



    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <!-- Enable Full Text Indexing/Search -->
        <!-- Indexing Options-->
            This setting controls when pages are actually rendered to HTML and stored/indexed
            This defaults to false. Rendering will be performed at indexing time.
            Set this to true to render nodes to HTML on umbraco publishing events and store in a
            database cache for indexing, rather than attempt to read the nodes at indexing
            time(which can be less reliable).
            The advantage of rendering at indexing time is that publishing will be quicker,
            and you won't have to republish the entire site before the index is created
            Possible values:
                true - Render HTML at publishing time
                    Note: Indexing must be set to run async in ExamineSettings.config if you set this to true
                false - Render HTML at indexing time (default)
            Note that if you're overriding renderers from your own code
            this affects whether or not your renderer can use the umbraco NodeFactory API

            This controls which renderer is used to render nodes to HTML
                Program - Renders nodes using a modified version of umbraco's
                          RenderTemplate functionality.
                          Only works if PublishEventRendering is set to true
                HTTP - Render nodes using HttpWebRequests (default)
            Needed for HTTP Rendering, determines
            URL of the default.aspx page on your host. I recommend you use
   and set the host header below to your domain to avoid
            problems with name resolution, firewalls, etc.
        <!-- Domain name of your site e.g. -->
        <!-- Indexing request timout in seconds -->
        <!-- The name of the Search Provider set up in ExamineSettings.config-->
        <!-- The name of the Index Provider set up in ExamineSettings.config-->
            Full text indexing will be disabled for these node types.
            Note that full text indexing is not run for nodes without
            a template anyway.
            To disable all indexing for a given node type use ExcludeNodeTypes
            in ExamineIndex.config
            <add name="searchPage" />

            Setting any of the properties under here to true for a given
            Node will disable All indexing on that page.
            <add name="umbracoSearchHide" />
            <add name="umbracoRedirect" />
            This string is passed to every page index<hed
            by the indexer in the query string, or as a cookie
            depending on the rendering method selected.
            The intention of this is for you to use the supplied
            XSLT helper function
            which returns true if this parameter is specified in
            the query string or by cookie.
        <!-- Cutomise HTML Tag Stripper here -->
            <add name="script" />
            <add name="head" />
            <add name="mainNavigation" />
            <add name="pagecomment" />
            <add name="rightframe" />
            <add name="navigation" />
            <add name="menubarsub" />
            <add name="bannerframe" />
            <add name="footer" />

        <!-- Override default IIS timeout on publishing requests, value in seconds -->

        <!-- Name of the full text index in lucene, don't change unless you need to -->
            The query generated for Lucene boosts the relevance of the title properties,
            if specified. This controls by how much.
            By default the Search XSLT Helper returns all fields from the
            index for users to modify. Set to false to return only summary fields.




    ExaminIndex.config (untouched):

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    Umbraco examine is an extensible indexer and search engine.
    This configuration file can be extended to create your own index sets.
    Index/Search providers can be defined in the UmbracoSettings.config

    More information and documentation can be found on CodePlex:
      <!-- The internal index set used by Umbraco back-office - DO NOT REMOVE -->
      <IndexSet SetName="InternalIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/Internal/" />
      <!-- The internal index set used by Umbraco back-office for indexing members - DO NOT REMOVE -->
      <IndexSet SetName="InternalMemberIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/InternalMember/">
          <add Name="id" />
          <add Name="nodeName" />
          <add Name="updateDate" />
          <add Name="writerName" />
          <add Name="loginName" />
          <add Name="email" />
          <add Name="nodeTypeAlias" />
      <!-- Default Indexset for external searches, this indexes all fields on all types of nodes-->
      <IndexSet SetName="ExternalIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/External/" />
      <IndexSet SetName="FullTextIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/FullText/">
          <add Name="id" />
          <add Name="nodeName" />
          <add Name="nodeTypeAlias" />
          <add Name="bodyText" />
        <IncludeNodeTypes />
        <ExcludeNodeTypes />




    ExamineSetttings.config (untouched):

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    Umbraco examine is an extensible indexer and search engine.
    This configuration file can be extended to add your own search/index providers.
    Index sets can be defined in the ExamineIndex.config if you're using the standard provider model.

    More information and documentation can be found on CodePlex:
          <add name="InternalIndexer" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoContentIndexer, UmbracoExamine" supportUnpublished="true" supportProtected="true" analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.WhitespaceAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" />
          <add name="InternalMemberIndexer" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoMemberIndexer, UmbracoExamine" supportUnpublished="true" supportProtected="true" analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" />
          <!-- default external indexer, which excludes protected and unpublished pages-->
          <add name="ExternalIndexer" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoContentIndexer, UmbracoExamine" />
          <add name="FullTextIndexer" type="Governor.Umbraco.FullTextSearch.Providers.FullTextContentIndexer, Governor.Umbraco.FullTextSearch" runAsync="true" supportUnpublished="false" supportProtected="false" interval="10" analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" enableDefaultEventHandler="true" indexSet="FullTextIndexSet" />
      <ExamineSearchProviders defaultProvider="ExternalSearcher">
          <add name="InternalSearcher" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoExamineSearcher, UmbracoExamine" analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.WhitespaceAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" />
          <add name="ExternalSearcher" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoExamineSearcher, UmbracoExamine" />
          <add name="InternalMemberSearcher" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoExamineSearcher, UmbracoExamine" analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" enableLeadingWildcards="true" />
          <add name="FullTextSearcher" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoExamineSearcher, UmbracoExamine" analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" indexSet="FullTextIndexSet" />


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