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Highrise for Umbraco

A simple contact form that also uploads to your Highrise CRM account.  We've been using this for a few of our websites.  Some of the code probably came from the contact form in Creative Websited starter package V1.

Your visitor fills out the AJAX contact form and will receive a response email thanking them as well as the immediate response from the contact form.  Their data will have also been submitted to your Highrise Account.

This currently works in Umbraco V4 and with a slight modification of the web config in V3.

You'll need to add a key to your your web config file.

   <!-- This Replaces the old umbracoSmptpServer config-->




        <network host="" userName="" password="" port="25"/>




I've recently uploaded the source code as HighRise has updated their API and you may be receiving an exception error (The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.) which wasn't handled properly.  Also attached is the latest DLL file should you need to immediately update your package.  Just replace the old DLL with the new one.  There's also some added features in regards to modifying the "Thank you for contacting us" subject line.  Many people responded to our automated Thank You notice and because it had the same subject line our emails were getting bunched up by Gmail. So now you can have unique subject lines based on the person's [FName] (first name) or [LName] (Last name) tags.

So if you want to say: Thanks Mike for contacting us!

type in: Thanks [FName] for contacting us!

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Mike McCullough

Mike McCullough

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Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
Version 8.18.x (untested)

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  • Package owner: Mike McCullough
  • Created: 13/09/2009
  • Current version 1.0
  • License MIT
  • Downloads on Our: 1.7K

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