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  • Michael Brydebøl 12 posts 32 karma points
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 16:14
    Michael Brydebøl

    When is professional enabled?

    I have two websites, with two different domains and ImageGen keys, where I have inserted the registration key in the imageGen.config.

    When I visit the URL to check if professional is enabled I get this info on both sites:

    ImageGen Basic version
    Professional features are available for localhost
    Professional features are available for *.local
    Professional features are available for

    Sometimes it says on the first line "ImageGen Professional version" and sometimes "ImageGen Basic version".

    Are the Professional features enabled for my site or not?

  • Douglas Robar 3570 posts 4711 karma points MVP ∞ admin c-trib
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 16:38
    Douglas Robar

    Hi, Michael,

    Yes, you have ImageGen Professional but only when the request is coming to the site on either http://localhost, any .local domain (such as http://mysite.local), or at When you make the request to, for instance, you will see the mode is ImageGen Professional. If you reach the server via another domain (maybe a staging or internal domain that doesn't have an ImageGen Professional domain key) you will see the mode is ImageGen Basic.

    In your example above, you have a valid key for the domain, but that line also that your ImageGen Professional domain key includes the 'http://' portion, which is not needed and will cause problems. It should only display "Professional features are available for". This may be because you entered the key incorrectly in the imagegen.config file. It should look like:

       <Key domain="">352D85B89AC05F48F8F2023E89A6679442B4193D</Key>

    Or, you may have included the http:// part when you purchased the domain key originally. If so, please contact Percipient Studios through their website to get the correct key for your domain. Include the existing key(s).

    Hope this helps!

    cheers, doug.

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