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Media protect

Mediaprotect helps you protect media in the same simple way as you protect documents.

 A license can be purchased via our company website http://soetemansoftware.nl/

Once the package is installed and you protect certain media, or content nodes the files will be password protected. Only authenticated members can open the files, otherwise members will be redirected to the login screen.

No need to add additional properties to your Media Type, it just works!

Mediaprotect is using the standard ASP.NET Membership API, so you can use the existing asp.net login controls for authentication. And you can plug in your own Membership provider.

System Requirements:

Mediaprotect requires IIS7 and is compatible with Umbraco versions 8+ (Check archive for supporting older versions of Umbraco) .Mediaprotect is compatible with SQL Server (Express) or SQL CE 4

Fully-functional trial:

Mediaprotect is a commercial package. Here you can download the trial version which is fully functional on localhost. On your live server you need a license file.

A license file can be purchased via our website http://soetemansoftware.nl/

Prices are:

    € 149,00  for a domain license
    € 449,00 for a server license
    € 699,00 unlimited license

Release notes:

V2.8.1 Update release

  • Support for Umbraco V8.1.
  • Breaking: Doesn't work on v8.0

V2.8 Update release

  • Support for Umbraco V8.
  • Breaking: Using Latest Umbraco dll's.
  • Breaking: MediaProtect.DAL project removed.
  • Breaking: ImageGen validator removed.
  • Breaking: Events Moved to MediaProtect.Extensions dll.
  • Breaking: Removed XSLT support.
V2.1.1 Bugfix release
  • Fixed indexing issue for items that are in Recyclye Bin.
  • Fixed indexing issue for items that have no filename.

V2.1 Update release

  • Added Make media folder configurable in config.
  • Added Events for DialogActions. MediaAccessEvents.MediaItemProtected and MediaAccessEvents.MediaItemProtectionRemoved.
  • Fixed When media folder is virtual path outside website folder Umbraco throws error.
  • Fixed Exclude validation if it's not the Umbraco media folder.
  • Fixed DisableMediaProtectDialog in config does not work anymore

V2 Major Upgrade Release

  • Using IFileSystem instead of System.IO
  • Supports Azure Blob storage
  • Added indexer for faster check of protected files
  • Authentication refactored. It is using Member services by default now (Can still switch to Membership API)
  • Added Umbraco Helper extensions
  • Debug info now stored in normal log file
  • Installer is using Migrations instead of package actions
  • Moved MediaAccess.config to database
  • Minimal Umbraco version is 7.4 (Breaking)
  • Removed XSLT Support(Breaking)
  • Removed all Webforms logic(Could be breaking)

1.6.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed context issue on Umbraco 7.3

1.6.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed image cropper cache issue
  • Fixed context loader issue

1.6 Update release

  • Nuget support
  • Added translations for Dutch and German language.
  • Image cropper support (configurable, disabled by default check documentation)

1.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Remove HTTPContext dependency from Library project to avoid issues with Examine.
  • Content folders, called "media" go 404 when mediaprotect is installed
  • Caching issue on load balanced environment
  • Add overload on HasAccess to pass in membershipUser

1.5 Update release

  • Added support for Umbraco V7

1.1.12 Update release

  • Fixed Accesing an image caused different behaviour in 4.x and 6.x

1.1.11Update release

  • Fixed: When deleting a public folder an error is raised by the event system

1.1.10Update release

  • Fixed: Make sure references in the access file are deleted when deleting a file

1.1.9Update release

  • Fixed: Mediaprotect configuration error message when accessing an image in Umbraco 6.1.x

1.1.8 Update release

  • Added new licensing dll to support both Deli as our own licensing system

1.1.7 Update Release:

  • Fixed: Mediaprotect shows invalid license messages even when the license is valid.
  • Fixed: Remove the Media Protect Public Access option from the notifications settings screen.
  • Fixed: When returnurl querystring is used, the member isn't redirected after login
  • New: Add configuration option to specify default login and not authorized pages
If you have any questions please use the support forum or drop us an email, support@soetemansoftware.nl


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Package owner

Richard Soeteman

Richard Soeteman

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Package Compatibility

This package is compatible with the following versions as reported by community members who have downloaded this package:
Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
Version 8.6.x (untested)
Version 8.5.x (untested)
Version 8.4.x (untested)
Version 8.3.x (untested)
Version 8.2.x (untested)
Version 8.1.x (100%)
Version 8.0.x (100%)
Version 7.15.x (untested)
Version 7.14.x (100%)
Version 7.13.x (100%)
Version 7.12.x (100%)
Version 7.11.x (100%)
Version 7.10.x (100%)
Version 7.9.x (100%)
Version 7.8.x (100%)
Version 7.7.x (100%)
Version 7.6.x (75%)
Version 7.5.x (100%)
Version 7.4.x (100%)
Version 7.3.x (100%)
Version 7.2.x (100%)
Version 7.1.x (100%)
Version 7.0.x (untested)
Version 6.2.x (untested)

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Package Information

  • Package owner: Richard Soeteman
  • Created: 07/06/2011
  • Current version 2.8.1
  • .NET version 4.7.2,4.5.2
  • License Media protect license agreement
  • Downloads on Our: 10708
  • Downloads on NuGet: 14948
  • Total downloads : 25656

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