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Razor FB Like

I decided to make a package out of a simple razor demonstration i gave at CMSexpo this week in Chicago. I had a chance to work with some great folks from Microsoft to include some examples of using their wonderful razor helper scripts with umbraco.

this package simply is a demonstration of the power that is coming to the razor implementation in umbraco.

So, what happens with this package?
a script is copied to the app_code folder that contains the facebook helpers.

Then, a simple ONE line macro gets added to your razor macro scripts.

insert the macro in your template and BAM! :)

What is coming in future versions?
i will expose and include sample macros for all the facebook Apps that are included in the razor handler.

Watch this space for more info about razor helpers and umbraco.

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bob baty-barr

bob baty-barr

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  • Package owner: bob baty-barr
  • Created: 06/05/2011
  • Current version .02b
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