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Solis Search

With Solis Search you can power your Umbraco website with the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform Apache Solr in no time.


  • Easy configuration > minimal coding
  • Facets
  • Language support
  • Security support
  • Autocomplete
  • Spellcheck
  • Richtext indexing
  • Dashboard to monitor index

You''ll find the necessary files to configure your Apache Solr instance in the folder /usercontrols/SolisSearch/Apache Solr

Find documentation and code samples on http://www.solissearch.com/documentation



v. 2.1.168
Release 2018-10-23
Added try-catch block to allow publish of content even if Solr instance is not running or not installed.

v. 2.1.166
Release 2018-09-11

Fixed Umbraco package to contain missing dependencies to CommonServiceLocator.

v. 2.1.162
Release 2018-03-27
Upgraded SolrNet to version 1.0.7. SolrNet has minimum target platform .NET framework 4.6, so that is now minimum requirements for Solis Search as well.

v. 2.1.156

Release 2018-01-04
Added missing file in Umbraco package.
Minor stability fixes
Added support for Episerver 11.

v. 2.1.149
Release 2016-11-10
Released package for Episerver 10 to support breaking changes from Episerver 9.
Added some try-catch to improve stability when failing to retrieve content from the CMS to the indexer.
Added support to run Solis Search as CMS indexer on Episerver Commerce websites, now Solis Search ignores catalog data to not conflict with configured search provider.

v. 2.1.143
Release 2016-10-26
Added support for separate Solr instance address to use when indexing data for use in load balanced Solr infrastructure
Fixed some bugs in Umbraco grid parser to better handle exceptions when input data is not what expected
Fixed bug using default operator and moved default field to Local parameter to use SolrNet standard procedure.

Release 2016-08-04
Fixed bug using default operator and moved default field to Local parameter to use SolrNet standard procedure.

Release 2016-06-30
Fixed som bugs in the IoC of the LogFacade causing a dependency to log4net 1.2.10 in Episerver versions where log4net is updated.

Release 2015-11-14
Bugfix indexing public access roles in Umbraco 7.3 and higher

Release 2015-10-27
Added fix in Umbraco indexer because of bug in Umbraco regarding different timezones on publish dates depending on wheter the content node is new (Local kind) or updated (Utc kind).

Release 2015-10-23
Added support for EPiServer 9 (Known issue: new EPiServer logging not implemented)
Added new field content_ref in schema.xml which i stored on rich text documents to reference on which content node in the cms it was found

Release 2015-08-22
Refactored SearchRepository to expose methods that returns the SolisSearch standard query making it easier to create advanced queries using the SolrNet library functions.
Fixed bug on Rebuild index that indexed unpublished nodes

Released 2015-04-07
Added new property parser to Umbraco indexer for Grid property type.
Updated SolrNet.dll using branch 0.4.0.b3 (see https://github.com/mausch/SolrNet/tree/0.4.0b3) to remove dependencies to unnecessary dependency injection packages.

Released 2015-04-01
Organized assembly references to prevent error message when installing Umbraco package and also caused som Linq functions on dynamic objects to break.

Released 2015-03-27
Solis Search is now also available from Nuget.
Provided schema.xml and solrconfig.xml for Apache Solr 5
Bugfix for query to spellchecker
Other minor bugfixes

Released 2015-03-06
Refactored core system to add support for other CMS.

  • IoC for log facade class
  • Created Umbraco CMS indexer
  • Created EPiServer CMS indexer

Updated Apache Solr schema.xml, file needs to be replaced/updated on upgrade

  • Renamed wildcard properties to contain the word "solis"" instead of "umbraco", in relation to supporting other CMS.
  • Added dates for start publish and end publish to schema.xml

Added support for boost on fields in configuration
Fixed array format for acl and languages on extracted fields from rich text documents.

Released 2015-01-08
Improved parser for custom queries
Added support to remove file from Upload property from index when node is unpublished
Added missing function to remove media from index in IndexRepository
Added field doctypes to media items in index for simpler facetting on media items with other content doctypes

Released 2014-10-23
Added support for Upload property type in RelatedLinksParser.

Added support to copy node name to content, if not specific property for page title is used.
Added possibility to view SolisSearch.config from dashboard control.
Fixed issue where content cannot be unpublished if there is no connection to Solr server.

Added doctype to index, please note new field in Solr schema file called doctypes, old schema files needs to be updated/replaced.
Added public interface to create custom property parsers, please note new attribute "parser" on relatedLinks properties in SolisSearch.config file.
Added support for using doctype field name when declaring facets in SolisSearch.config file.
Bugfix regarding multiple properties containing links to media library

Fixed an indexing issue when publishing pages in Umbraco 7 regarding storing the url of a newly created page

Added support for 3rd party Media pickers Digibiz Advanced Media Picker and uComponents Multi URL Picker for related links rich text document indexing.
Bugfix regarding languages and rich text document indexing

Added AutoComplete based on Suggester
Minor bugfixes

Initial release



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version 2.1.168

NuGet install instructions for Umbraco 6.1.0-7.12.0

Install-Package SolisSearch.Umbraco

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Markus Thorén

Markus Thorén

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Package Information

  • Package owner: Markus Thorén
  • Created: 18/03/2014
  • Current version 2.1.168
  • .NET version 4.6.1
  • License Solis Search Commercial License
  • Downloads on Our: 8.2K
  • Downloads on NuGet: 20.5K
  • Total downloads : 28.6K

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