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  • Tim C 158 posts 525 karma points
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 06:17
    Tim C

    Uninstall not completely removing the package

    I installed this to test it, and then attempted to uninstall. It all seemed to work ok, but there is still a section 'uBooking' in the back end left hand menu but get a 404 error if I click on it.


    It also shows as clickable section under each user.

    It's no longer showing as an installed package.

    It was still showing some folders under App_Plugins, so I deleted those, but it's still there as a section.

    Can you help - what else do I need to do to completely remove it?

    (I have tried installing another package since, which also should create a new section, but it hasn't done so and I am concerned something left behind by uBooking is preventing it).


  • Cimplex 111 posts 573 karma points
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 07:39

    Hi Tim, Thank you for contacting our support and I'm sorry that the uninstall didn't work as expected.

    What you want to do is to uncheck uBooking from all of your members. Then you want to remove the following code found in the files in the /Config folder.


      <section alias="StartupUBookingDashboardSection">
        <tab caption="UBooking">
          <control showOnce="true" addPanel="true" panelCaption=""> ~/App_Plugins/UBooking/BackOffice/Dashboard/uBooking.html</control>


    <add initialize="true" sortOrder="99" alias="AccountTree" application="UBooking" title="Account" iconClosed="icon-folder" iconOpen="icon-folder-open" type="uBooking.Core.Application.Trees.AccountTreeController, uBooking.Core" />
      <add initialize="true" sortOrder="0" alias="BookingTree" application="UBooking" title="Booking" iconClosed="icon-folder" iconOpen="icon-folder-open" type="uBooking.Core.Application.Trees.BookingTreeController, uBooking.Core" />
      <add initialize="true" sortOrder="2" alias="emailTemplateTree" application="UBooking" title="Emails" iconClosed="icon-folder" iconOpen="icon-folder-open" type="uBooking.Core.Application.Trees.EmailTemplateTreeController, uBooking.Core" />
      <add initialize="true" sortOrder="1" alias="ResourceTree" application="UBooking" title="Resources" iconClosed="icon-folder" iconOpen="icon-folder-open" type="uBooking.Core.Application.Trees.ResourceTreeController, uBooking.Core" />
      <add initialize="true" sortOrder="3" alias="SettingsTree" application="UBooking" title="Settings" iconClosed="icon-folder" iconOpen="icon-folder-open" type="uBooking.Core.Application.Trees.SettingsTreeController, uBooking.Core" />


    <add alias="UBooking" name="uBooking" icon="icon-calendar-alt" sortOrder="15" />

    This will remove the section, but if you want to remove uBooking completely you need to open up your database and remove all database tables prefixed with UBooking_ and also double check and make sure that there's no folder named UBooking in your App_Plugins folder.

    I'll try to make this work better in a further version but I will add this to the FAQ Section on our homepage next week.

    Thanks once again!

    // Herman

  • Tim C 158 posts 525 karma points
    Jun 18, 2016 @ 12:17
    Tim C


    I also had to delete the tables it had created in the SQL db

  • Damien Holley 122 posts 421 karma points
    Apr 29, 2017 @ 08:19
    Damien Holley

    I am having this issue with a plugin I am writing conducting this behaviour. Is there a way of packaging so that it removes all users from the section and removes all refs to the section?

  • Omar El Sergany 4 posts 79 karma points
    Sep 10, 2019 @ 13:18
    Omar El Sergany

    Hi Damien,

    Try to search / read more about "Package Actions Contrib" I think it's will help you to achieve what you want.

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