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  • Chris 34 posts 134 karma points
    May 15, 2015 @ 13:19

    Offer free samples of a product

    I need to implement a new feature in our uCommerce site to allow customers to order a free sample of some products. The free samples will need to be added to the basket and progress through the checkout process in the same way that normal products are ordered. I'm looking for advice on the best way of acheiving this, here are some thoughts as I havent seen any examples of this yet:

    1. Samples are added as Variants with a zero cost, and a new bool variant Property is added to allow this item to be flagged as a variant so they appear differently on the UI. The issue with this is the SKU needing to be unique, so I cant just tell the client to use the SKU as SAMPLE for everything.
    2. Have a Category called Sample, which has a single product called Sample. When a customer wants to add a sample of any product, instead add this Sample Product to the basket and use that for checkout.
    If anyone has implemented this in the past and has any ideas they would be much appreciated.

  • Martin 181 posts 740 karma points
    May 17, 2015 @ 19:33

    Hi Chris,

    Another approach can be creating a new product definition called "Sample product" and then use the product definition for showing if it's a sample product or not.

    If you want to handle samples seperate as normal products (also when you ships it) I think you're best off keeping a convention for recognizing your sample products. A thumb of rule could be that a product 123-456-789 has sample called 123-456-789-SAMPLE.

    Another way of going is to have a product called SAMPLE and then having variants on it with your normal product skus.

    Etc. SAMPLE-123-456

    I think you have to find out how your customer want to handle it for stocks (or other special needs) and then decide what would be best for the customer.

    Best regards Martin

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