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  • Henrik Stokbro 15 posts 65 karma points
    Jul 01, 2015 @ 13:37
    Henrik Stokbro

    Error when I change order status

    I want to change status on my order.

    My code

    var newOrderStatus = OrderStatus.All().Single(x => x.Name == statusName);
    var orderService = ObjectFactory.Instance.Resolve<IOrderService>();
    orderService.ChangeOrderStatus(order, newOrderStatus);

    newOrderStatus, order & orderService look fine. What am I doing wrong?

    I get this error:

    NHibernate.PropertyValueException was unhandled by user code
      Message=not-null property references a null or transient value UCommerce.EntitiesV2.OrderStatusAudit.NewOrderStatus
           at NHibernate.Engine.Nullability.CheckNullability(Object[] values, IEntityPersister persister, Boolean isUpdate)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.AbstractSaveEventListener.PerformSaveOrReplicate(Object entity, EntityKey key, IEntityPersister persister, Boolean useIdentityColumn, Object anything, IEventSource source, Boolean requiresImmediateIdAccess)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.AbstractSaveEventListener.SaveWithGeneratedId(Object entity, String entityName, Object anything, IEventSource source, Boolean requiresImmediateIdAccess)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener.SaveWithGeneratedOrRequestedId(SaveOrUpdateEvent event)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener.EntityIsTransient(SaveOrUpdateEvent event)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener.OnSaveOrUpdate(SaveOrUpdateEvent event)
           at NHibernate.Impl.SessionImpl.FireSaveOrUpdate(SaveOrUpdateEvent event)
           at NHibernate.Impl.SessionImpl.SaveOrUpdate(String entityName, Object obj)
           at NHibernate.Engine.Cascade.CascadeToOne(Object parent, Object child, IType type, CascadeStyle style, Object anything, Boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled)
           at NHibernate.Engine.Cascade.CascadeCollectionElements(Object parent, Object child, CollectionType collectionType, CascadeStyle style, IType elemType, Object anything, Boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled)
           at NHibernate.Engine.Cascade.CascadeCollection(Object parent, Object child, CascadeStyle style, Object anything, CollectionType type)
           at NHibernate.Engine.Cascade.CascadeOn(IEntityPersister persister, Object parent, Object anything)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.AbstractFlushingEventListener.CascadeOnFlush(IEventSource session, IEntityPersister persister, Object key, Object anything)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.AbstractFlushingEventListener.PrepareEntityFlushes(IEventSource session)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.AbstractFlushingEventListener.FlushEverythingToExecutions(FlushEvent event)
           at NHibernate.Event.Default.DefaultFlushEventListener.OnFlush(FlushEvent event)
           at NHibernate.Impl.SessionImpl.Flush()
           at UCommerce.Transactions.OrderService.ChangeOrderStatus(PurchaseOrder purchaseOrder, OrderStatus newOrderStatus, String userName)
           at Weheart.Print.ChangeOrderStatus(PurchaseOrder order, String statusName) in c:\bastard\Bastard\weheart\Print.cs:line 247
           at Weheart.Print.SendOrders() in c:\bastard\Bastard\weheart\Print.cs:line 107
           at Bastard.Handler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context) in c:\bastard\Bastard\Testing.ashx.cs:line 20
           at System.Web.HttpApplication.CallHandlerExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute()
           at System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously)
  • Martin 181 posts 740 karma points
    Jul 01, 2015 @ 17:17

    Hi Henrik,

    Which version of uCommerce are you running? Looking by the stack trace it seems that a property has a null-value on the OrderStatusAudit.

    If you know which version you're running I can perhaps investigate it a bit further.

    Best regards Martin

  • Henrik Stokbro 15 posts 65 karma points
    Jul 01, 2015 @ 18:00
    Henrik Stokbro

    My version: uCommerce

  • Martin 181 posts 740 karma points
    Jul 02, 2015 @ 18:27

    Hi again Henrik,

    The new orderstatus you're trying to change to, is that a custom order status or an uCommerce built-in orderstatus?

    Best regards Martin

  • Henrik Stokbro 15 posts 65 karma points
    Jul 22, 2015 @ 08:50
    Henrik Stokbro

    It seems that changeOrderStatus makes a save. (I think)

    So the error did not come from changeOrderStatus it self, but from when changeOrderStatus saves.

    The error was in an audit I added before calling changeOrderStatus.

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