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PDF indexing support in UmbracoExamine using PdfPig


Install with Nuget:

dotnet add package Umbraco.ExaminePDF

You will then have a new Examine index called "PDFIndex" available.

Multi index searchers

To use the MultiSearcher in V8, you can instantiate it when needed like:

using(var multiSearcher = new MultiIndexSearcher("MultiSearcher", new IIndex[] { 

Or you can register a multi-index searcher with the ExamineManager on startup like:

[ComposeAfter(typeof(ExaminePdfComposer))] //this must execute after the ExaminePdfComposer composer
public class MyComposer : ComponentComposer<MyComponent>, IUserComposer

public class MyComponent : IComponent
    private readonly IExamineManager _examineManager;

    public MyComponent(IExamineManager examineManager)
        _examineManager = examineManager;

    public void Initialize()
        //Get both the external and pdf index
        if (_examineManager.TryGetIndex(Constants.UmbracoIndexes.ExternalIndexName, out var externalIndex)
            && _examineManager.TryGetIndex(PdfIndexConstants.PdfIndexName, out var pdfIndex))
            //register a multi searcher for both of them
            var multiSearcher = new MultiIndexSearcher("MultiSearcher", new IIndex[] { externalIndex, pdfIndex });

    public void Terminate() { }

With this approach, the multi searcher will show up in the Examine dashboard and it can be resolved from the ExamineManager like:

if (_examineManager.TryGetSearcher("MultiSearcher", out var searcher))
    //TODO: use the `searcher` to search


The source code for UmbracoExamine.PDF is licensed under the MIT license.

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