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WVD Media - TinyMCE Insert embed code


This package adds a "Insert embed code" button to the TinyMCE toolbar. 

This button will allow you to insert any (HTML) embed code (from Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare etc.) directly into the editor. This allows the content manager to be more flexible about what to insert in the rich text editor.


1) Install the package

2) Modify the config/tinyMceConfig.config in the following way:


<umbracoAlias>embedcode</umbracoAlias>     <icon>../umbraco_client/tinymce3/plugins/embedcode/img/embedcode.gif</icon>
<tinyMceCommand value="" userInterface="false" frontendCommand="mceembedcode">embedcode</tinyMceCommand>

to the tinymceConfig/commands section


<plugin loadOnFrontend="false">embedcode</plugin>

to the tinymceConfig/plugin section

3) In Umbraco, go to Developer - Data Types and click "Richtext editor" (or any other datatype you use the TinyMCE editor in). You'll see there is a new Icon with a checkbox.
Check that and click save.

4) Recycle application pool / touch web.config to see the changes in the tinyMceConfig.config propogated.



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Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
Version 8.18.x (untested)

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  • Package owner: Gerben
  • Created: 04/03/2010
  • Current version 0.9
  • License MIT
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