Status: Released

Released on Not yet determined

There is a newer version available - v13.3.0

Recommended install from the command line:

dotnet new -i Umbraco.Templates::10.8.0
dotnet new umbraco -n "MyProject"
dotnet run --project "MyProject"
Or use any of the alternative ways to install Umbraco.

Release notes


NuGet and NPM dependencies updated to the latest minor and patch versions

The NuGet and NPM dependencies have been updated to the latest versions that did not contain breaking changes.

Performance optimizations when indexing content with blocks

We managed to make some performance optimizations that make indexing of content with a lot of nested types (Block list, Block Grid, etc) faster.

Performance optimizations when editing content with many Multi URL Pickers

We found small performance improvements to the Multi Url Picker when editing content in the backoffice.

Opt-in to seed NuCache in one-go

A new setting has been made available, that lets you seed uncached with one massive query, instead of doing it paged. This can increase boot times significantly, but be aware it will put some pressure on your database.

A handful of bug fixes

A handful of bug fixes that have been made for later versions of Umbraco have been ported back to Umbraco 10.

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