Status: Released

Released on Thursday, December 1 2022

There is a newer version available - v13.4.0

Recommended install from the command line:

dotnet new -i Umbraco.Templates::11.0.0
dotnet new umbraco -n "MyProject"
dotnet run --project "MyProject"
Or use any of the alternative ways to install Umbraco.

Release notes

The next major version of Umbraco, running on the latest version of .NET (7).  


Umbraco 11.0.0 is now available on NuGet


The RC is now available on NuGet and you can find more details in the Umbraco 11 release candidate blog post.

Changes in RC6

  • Only add global usings when ImplicitUsings is enabled - 13491
  • New SVG based login background - 13493
  • Fix so Umbraco.Cms Nuget package only can be installed on .NET7 projects - 13475
  • Revert breaking changes adding IContextCache to deploy connectors - 13489
  • Added various Block Grid translations (EN & NL) - 13488
  • Updated markedplace url to final url - commit
  • Visual fix to the Block Grid editor - 13467, 13496 
  • Fixed a bug where info tabs wouldn't load - 13486
  • Updated NuGet dependencies - 13478

Get it now on Nuget

Changes in RC5

Please note that this RC contains changes to how the appsettings.schema.json file is generated, this means that if you're upgrading an existing site, you should delete your appsettings.schema.json, so it'll be regenerated on build.

  • Removed force left and force right from the Block Grid editor - 13400
  • Multiple improvements and fixes for the Block Grid editor - 133911344213443134461344813450134511345613225
  • Updated the JSON schema generation to make it easier for packages to include their schema, note that if migrating an existing project you should delete the appsettings.schema.json file - 13427
  • Improved inline mode and removed distraction-free mode from TinyMCE - 13394
  • Fixed an issue with TinyMCE dropdowns - 13417
  • Fixed an issue where AllowUploadFiles appsettings wasn't working, this has been moved to an AllowUploadFileExtension appsettings - 13408
  • Updated javascript dependencies
  • Made NullOrWhiteSpaceAsNull nullable - 13365
  • Updated the Packages section to use the new marketplace - 13371
  • Fixed an issue where long migrations were timed out by making the command timeout configurable via the connection timeout - 13373

Get it now on Nuget

Changes in RC4

  • Multiple improvements to the Block Grid editor - 13282, 13359
  • Updated dependencies to the final release of aspnetcore 7 - 13372
  • Added Umbraco Workflow to appsettings schema - 13349
  • Fixed an issue that would cause InMemory models to break if using custom no nodes page - 13390
  • Obsoleted and removed old migrations - 13382
  • Removed nullability from AdditonalData on ContentItemDisplay (breaking change) - 13380

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Changes in RC3

  • Updated to now use IFileProvider to access assets added from packages - 13141
  • Updated Smidge, Npoco and MailKit dependencies - 13310
  • Fixed issue where an error would be thrown when publishing new content that's a child to content with multiple languages - 13340
  • Fixed a filepath issue that caused the BlockGrid example to not work on Linux - 13306

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Changes in RC2

  • Update to deploy specific components allowing for a V11-RC of Deploy - 13287
  • Fixed an issue that made users with Swedish culture unable to save document types - 13260
  • Fixed a database locking issue when using SQLite - 13246

Get it now on Nuget

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