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There is a newer version available - v13.1.1


This is the main Umbraco download, generally you won't need anything else.

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Release notes

The highlights of 7.8 are: 

  • Tours and contextual help, get both first-time users and your editors to use Umbraco more effectively
  • A complete redesign of the Info tab (the artist formerly known as the "Generic properties" tab)
  • Enhanced support for load balancing
  • Enhanced security features

Make sure to read the blog post about this release for more information.

Please be aware that:

When you're using Umbraco on a server with a different timezone then your local timezone, the new info tab has some problems using the date pickers. A workaround in the form of 2 javascript files is available:

When you upgrade Umbraco using NuGet, the UI.xml file doesn't get updated correctly, a workaround is available:

These two issues do not occur on any Cloud sites. A fix for these issues will be rolled out in version 7.8.1 shortly.

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