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  • Kenni 6 posts 26 karma points
    Sep 30, 2014 @ 08:41

    Image cropper not working properly

    I have been seriously struggling with the image cropper in my version 7.1.6 of Umbraco. We started out developing an application in Umbraco version 7.0.4, but for some reason there was no image cropper in that solution, so i decided to upgrade to version 7.1.6. After the upgrade i could set the image cropper on the media propperty, and specify my diffrent crop sizes, but when i render the page the crop is not shown in the expected size, even though the right information is showed in the source of the image. The source of the image is looking like this:

    <img src="/media/1232/louisegade_2.jpg?crop=0.014547888010358109,0.0064783563796125942,0.96272103697345734,0.97836759360959769&amp;cropmode=percentage&amp;width=50&amp;height=50&amp;rnd=130564776900000000" alt="">

    What can be wrong?



  • Kasper Dyrvig 246 posts 379 karma points
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 11:12
    Kasper Dyrvig

    I now have the same problem. But it has been working earlier! I use version 7.1.8.

        var image = Umbraco.TypedMedia((int)childPage.bodyImage);
    <a href="@childPage.Url" class="pull-left" style="margin-right: 20px;"><img class="media-object" src="@image.GetCropUrl(140, 140)" alt="@childPage.Name"></a> }

    But the rendered image is not cropped.

    <img class="media-object" src="/media/1039/team.jpg?center=0.33333333333333331,0.4975&amp;mode=crop&amp;width=140&amp;height=140&amp;rnd=130579302850000000" alt="The team">

    Have you found a solution, Kenni?

  • Christopher Thrower 20 posts 60 karma points
    Nov 05, 2014 @ 01:11
    Christopher Thrower

    I'm having exactly the same issue Kasper.

    My rendered image is not cropped - Although it works okay while running the site on my local system but not when I've uploaded this to the server?!
    Did you find a solution Kasper, or does anyone know of a solution to this?


  • Kasper Dyrvig 246 posts 379 karma points
    Dec 18, 2014 @ 12:57
    Kasper Dyrvig

    Yes, I did found a solution!

    In the release notes for 7.1.9 there are two lines that should be added to config file:

    Important: we've added two keys in the web.config, your previously cropped images will no look be cropped if you don't add them, so don't forget:

    In the httpModules section add:

    <add name="ImageProcessorModule" type="ImageProcessor.Web.HttpModules.ImageProcessingModule, ImageProcessor.Web"/>

    And in system.webServer/modules add:

    <add name="ImageProcessorModule" type="ImageProcessor.Web.HttpModules.ImageProcessingModule, ImageProcessor.Web"/>

    That worked for me :-) Hope it will solve yours too.

  • David Quinlan 6 posts 98 karma points
    Mar 01, 2019 @ 16:46
    David Quinlan

    Having similar issue, images not being rendered as cropped... and settings above are in my web.confg.

    Anyone any further insights here?


  • David 7 posts 98 karma points
    Mar 19, 2019 @ 23:30

    Similar issues. Everything looks great but no cropped images...only full original. I am using Azure Blob storage and images are being stored with no problem. I have set some defined crops and looking at the url generated it is definitely using the selected crop, but the image is rendering full size. What next? Thanks - David

  • Chris Evans 136 posts 352 karma points c-trib
    Mar 20, 2019 @ 21:06
    Chris Evans

    Hi David and David,

    It'd be useful to know a few things about your Umbraco setup before we can help, e.g.

    • What version of Umbraco are you running
    • Can you paste some code of one of the views that is trying to render an image (make sure to use the code format option - looks like two curly brackets in the formatting tools above the forum post editor here, and check the preview looks ok)

    Any other information like screenshots of your crops defined in the Media section or other setup / config you have might be useful too.



  • David Quinlan 6 posts 98 karma points
    Mar 21, 2019 @ 09:26
    David Quinlan

    Hi I've had to park this for a bit to focus on other priorities. However, the issue may have been due to conflicts in how site behaves running local dev / connected to cdn etc... as in, I was seeing different behaviours running site through visual studio than when on staging environments.

    It is not obvious / clear that you can switch this off fully unless you change all your config. Then, you are deploying to servers with different config, in a way, hoping it will all work.

    I'm also running against a specially compiled version of the AzureCDNToolkit as I couldn't quite figure out why it was generating significant logging information (slowing site down).

    The issue was related to the section in GetCropCdnUrl() - the TryFiveTimes() failed consistently even thought he paths resolved to images etc.. I commented out the LogHelper.Error() and replaced with a LogHelper.Info()

    The GetResponse failed for image paths that should have worked, that worked when you navigated the path in browser.

    There was also issue related to the cropUrl path starting with http (i.e. a full path) that resulted in invalid paths. The code assumes this path would not have scheme / domain present. Not sure why they did in my case...

    Diagnosing some of these issues was a bit convoluted...


  • David 7 posts 98 karma points
    Mar 21, 2019 @ 20:35

    Hi Chris, Thanks for any help you can provide. Here is a great deal of information that might help. Sorry for all the jpg's but could not get the code function to accept the json notation

    Installed packages:

    "Umbraco.ModelsBuilder" version="3.0.10" targetFramework="net462" "UmbracoCms" version="7.13.2" targetFramework="net462" "UmbracoCms.Core" version="7.13.2" targetFramework="net462" "UmbracoFileSystemProviders.Azure" version="1.0.3" targetFramework="net462" "ImageProcessor" version="" targetFramework="net462" "ImageProcessor.Web" version="" targetFramework="net462" "ImageProcessor.Web.Config" version="" targetFramework="net462" "ImageProcessor.Web.Plugins.AzureBlobCache" version="" targetFramework="net462" "ImageProcessor.Web.PostProcessor" version="" targetFramework="net462

    Cache settings:

    Cache Settings

    Security Settings security settings

    Processing Settings processingsettings

    File System Providers filesystemproviders

    Code used to get cropurl

                NewsArticleModel model = null;
            if (contentItem.DocumentTypeAlias == "newsArticle" && contentItem.IsVisible())
                model = new NewsArticleModel();
                model.Title = contentItem.HasValue("pageTitle") ? contentItem.GetPropertyValue<string>("pageTitle") : contentItem.Name;
                model.Intro = contentItem.HasValue("metaDescription") ? contentItem.GetPropertyValue<string>("metaDescription") : "Not set up yet. Will do later.";
                model.CroppedUrl = contentItem.HasValue("mainCrop") ? contentItem.GetCropUrl("mainCrop", "articlelist") : null;
                model.ArticleDate = contentItem.HasValue("articleDate") ? contentItem.GetPropertyValue<DateTime>("articleDate") : DateTime.MinValue;
                if (contentItem.HasValue("articleLink"))
                    List<Util.RelatedLink> relatedLinks = Util.Helper.GetRelatedLinks(contentItem, "articleLink");
                    if (relatedLinks.Count > 0)
                        model.Url = relatedLinks[0].Url;
                    model.Url = contentItem.Url;
            return model;

    View html

    <span class="image"><img src="@article.CroppedUrl")" /></span>

    Rendered crop url

    <img src="/media/1156/welcome_visit.jpg?crop=0,0,0,0.15464918669579994&amp;cropmode=percentage&amp;width=150&amp;height=100&amp;rnd=131976453550000000" )"="">

    Rendered image rendered image

    Crop Items as shown in backoffice backoffice crop items

  • Chris Evans 136 posts 352 karma points c-trib
    Mar 21, 2019 @ 22:28
    Chris Evans

    Thanks for all the info David! Super helpful.

    What happens if you replace your model.CroppedUrl line with this:

    var contentImage = Umbraco.TypedMedia(contentItem.GetPropertyValue<int>("mainCrop"));
    if(contentImage != null) {
        model.CroppedUrl = contentImage.GetCropUrl("articlelist");

    Do you get the same url output as a result?

  • David 7 posts 98 karma points
    Mar 22, 2019 @ 03:18

    If I am doing this correctly I am getting a null for contentImage. In the following code

                        var maincrop = item.GetPropertyValue("mainCrop");
                    var contentImage = Umbraco.TypedMedia(maincrop);

    maincrop has a json string that looks like the definition for the maincrop, but contentImage is always null. Not sure why that would be the case?

  • David 7 posts 98 karma points
    Apr 07, 2019 @ 14:25
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