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  • Mark Watson 65 posts 185 karma points
    Jul 13, 2018 @ 00:36
    Mark Watson

    Umbraco visual studio environment clarification

    We are trying to determine if Umbraco is the solution for us and would like some clarification. We keep bumping into road blocks!! We are currently MAC based and using Umbraco cloud. We will be using Umbraco cloud going forward.

    We have been told the following

    1. to use Visual Studio with Umbraco. Any particular reason?
    2. Visual Studio Mac version is not the same as Visual Studio PC. What are we missing?
    3. When we clone our site to the mac environment it seems that not all the visual studio features are available and we are limited to just editing certain folders.

    I there anyone who has worked in both PC and MAC environments that can point us in the right direction?

    Should we purchase a PC to solve our issues?

  • Rune Hem Strand 146 posts 900 karma points c-trib
    Jul 13, 2018 @ 07:52
    Rune Hem Strand

    Hi Mark

    Great to hear you're looking at Umbraco and Cloud - Hope it's positive despite the roadblocks ☺

    1. Visual Studio is the preferred IDE for all ASP.NET developers. It will give you the best experience in terms of debugging and on top of that it works incredibly well with pretty much any language or framework you want to work with.

    2. Visual Studio for Mac is indeed a different product, which can be a little confusing. You can see what the Mac version is compatible with here
      Unfortunately the Mac version only works with ASP.Net Core (the new version of ASP) and Umbraco is not compatible with this, see:

    3. Most likely due to incompatibilities with the .Net version (although folders can and often are hidden in a VS solution).

    For Umbraco development on a Mac you've basically got two ways of approaching it. Either install a VM (such as Parallels or Fuisonware) or use Bootcamp, which will let you installl and boot to Windows. Links can be found here
    It is necessary with a running installation of windows in order to run an IIS server, which is a requirement for an ASP.NET site (and thereby also a requirement to run Umbraco on a local installation).

    With Umbraco Cloud there is a third option. You can clone a site down and then use our UAAS CLI to use local files and connect to the server and db on Cloud, this will let you do development locally in Mac OS. See here
    The upside is you can do this without installing a vm or booting up in windows but be aware you are using the server database and not a local db. You also won't have the full debugging capabilities and Intellisense that Visual Studio on Windows offers. Once you get used to that there's no going back 😉

    I have a Mac and installed Bootcamp about a year ago and think I've booted in to MacOs twice since. One time to get some files, and the other to make the Windows partition as big as possible.

    That's my 2 cents. Hope that helps clarify things a little.

    All the best

    Ps.: I highly recommend taking our webinars for Cloud and CMS if you haven't done so already:

  • Mark Watson 65 posts 185 karma points
    Jul 26, 2018 @ 05:19
    Mark Watson

    Thanks Rune

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