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  • Robert Dougan 48 posts 154 karma points
    Oct 05, 2009 @ 18:08
    Robert Dougan

    TinyMCE Language Issue?


    I'm using the TinyMCEWebControl within a macro, but when the macro is used and an editor tries to add a link the dialog box does not render correctly.

    For example, the link target drop down label renders as "{#advanced_dlg.link_url}" and the drop down values display as "{#advanced_dlg.link_target_same}" and "{#advanced_dlg.link_target_blank}". The issue seems to be on lines like this in the link.htm file within the Umbraco theme in the tinymce3 folder:

    lst.options[lst.options.length] = new Option(tinyMCEPopup.getLang('advanced_dlg.link_target_same'), '_self');

    Does anyone know what the function "tinyMCEPopup.getLang()" does, do I need to somehow explicitly set the language to use when I instantiate a new TinyMCEWebControl in my macro? I'm guessing that the obvious placeholder text should be replaced with the correct values by the getLang function.

    I hope this makes sense! Any help would be much appeciated.




  • Robert Dougan 48 posts 154 karma points
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 12:32
    Robert Dougan

    I solved this myself, the issue is with the language JavaScript files contained in tinymce3 -> themes -> advanced -> langs -> yourlanguage.js and yourlanguage_dlg.js.

    Basically you have to copy the files that relate to your language from the advanced theme folder to the umbraco theme folder.

    There is a file called umbraco-implementation-notes.txt in the umbraco_client -> tinymce3 which helped me solve this.

    Phew, that was doing my head in!

  • Murray Roke 503 posts 966 karma points c-trib
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 02:38
    Murray Roke

    I'm getting te same issue in umbraco v4.7.0 and v4.7.1.1 (labels show the id not the text), I have all these language files:

  • Kyle Skrinak 272 posts 327 karma points
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 22:27
    Kyle Skrinak

    Wow, this issue goes in all kinds of trails. I have the very same issue, where the advanced dialog shows placeholders, not rendered values.

    Unlike Robert's case, I have the correct "en.js and en_dlg.js" correct language files in:


    and they vary in the header declaration as described in umbraco-implementation-notes.txt

    In fact, everything matches the requirements laid out in that document, and I'm still getting the error. This document: describes the problem and a work-around, "This problem *only* exists if you try to use the advimage plugin without first clicking somewhere in the content area." (That works in Chrome, but not FF)

    The js error chrome reports is

    "Uncaught TypeError: Object false has no method 'indexOf' tinymce3tinymceCompress.aspx:16874
    tinymce.create._mceImage tinymce3tinymceCompress.aspx:16874
    tinymce.create.execCommand tinymce3tinymceCompress.aspx:15982
    tinymce.create.execCommand tinymce3tinymceCompress.aspx:11440
    tinymce.create.createDropMenu.c.onAddItem.add.s.onclick tinymce3tinymceCompress.aspx:13724
    (anonymous function) tinymce3tinymceCompress.aspx:8785

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