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  • Adam Werner 19 posts 180 karma points c-trib
    Nov 15, 2022 @ 21:45
    Adam Werner

    Authorization error

    Hello Matt!

    We're really enjoying using Konstrukt in an Umbraco v10 site! It has proved to be very helpful and, as we're looking to go beyond a single repository, we purchased a license yesterday!

    We've received an error notification in the backoffice under a scenario described below and we're hoping to get your guidance.

    The error notification reads:

    Authorization error: Unauthorized access to URL: /umbraco/backoffice/konstruckt/konstruktapi/GetLicensingInfo Contact your administrator for information

    error notification screen capture

    Scenario: We're interested in trying to provide some views of the data for backoffice users that are not Administrators.

    We've created a new user group, "Product 1 Users", and these new, non-Administrator users only exist in this group.

    We have established a new collection that has a filter for "Product 1" items and applied the visibility for the "Product 1 Users" group.

    When these users log in to the backoffice, they are presented with the proper section along with the item in the tree listing. However, upon those "Product 1 Users" logging in, they are presented with the error notification described above.

    When we add those "Product 1 Users" to also be members of other, out-of-the-box user groups (i.e. "Editors", "Writers", etc.) we did not have success until those users were added to the "Administrators" group. It was only when the "Product 1 Users" were added to the "Administrators" group did we no longer receive the Authorization error. Unfortunately as you probably already recognize, this opens up the rest of the backoffice for these "Product 1 Users" which we have been trying to prevent.

    Is there a configuration setting that we are overlooking that might allow us to have non-Administrators avoid that Authorization error?

    Application details:

    Umbraco v10.2.0

    Konstruct v1.6.1

  • Matt Brailsford 3971 posts 21261 karma points MVP 9x c-trib
    Nov 16, 2022 @ 08:45
    Matt Brailsford

    Hey Adam,

    Glad to hear you are having fun with Konstrukt

    It looks like we have a setting section policy restriction on that endpoint so it seems to require the current logged in user to have access to the settings section to use it.

    I think we must have originally just had the licensing warning in the settings section, but given we display it in list views and the editor as well, which could be displayed in any section, it does indeed suggest we should remove that restriction.

    There should be a 1.6.2-beta0006 on our unstable feed at with the relevant fix for this applied. If you'd like to install that and test to make sure it resolves your problem, that would be super helpful.

  • Adam Werner 19 posts 180 karma points c-trib
    Nov 16, 2022 @ 14:38
    Adam Werner

    Thank you for your quick reply and update! We'll definitely install and test the beta0006 today and we'll report back.

  • Adam Werner 19 posts 180 karma points c-trib
    Nov 17, 2022 @ 03:22
    Adam Werner

    Matt -- Success! We tried it out with a couple of test scenarios and we were no longer presented with the error notification. This is great -- thank you very much!

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