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  • Splinx 49 posts 184 karma points
    Feb 18, 2020 @ 11:07

    An interesting way this package can be used: rel="alternate" language for Google SEO.

    Hi Kevin,

    I think that this is a really clean and useful package if you are localising a site.

    The context in which I am using relationships is to enable me to code the Google required rel="alternate" language stuff. This is in combination with your truly excellent Translation Manager package.

    The issue is that, by default, Umbraco has the checkbox ticked by default when any administrator copies content. We all know that administrators typically copy a page as a starting point (like a template) and so the default relationship on "document copy" is not truly related in the way in which relationships were intended (I think).

    My approach is as follows:

    1. Make the default for copy document checkbox; unchecked. A tip on how to do this can be found here:

    2. Implement this package and tweak it so that it only shows the default "relate on copy" relationship with ID=1 (by default).

    3. Educate and inform editors how this works and only check the relate document on copy if a site is being localised or is truly related.

    4. Implement the header code to look for related copies of the viewed page and write out the header rel="alternate" language tags for the truly related pages; being careful to take one related page per locale.

    What do you think?

    Is this the kind of feedback you want and does it make sense to use your packages this way? Is there a better route to achieve what we're trying to accomplish?

    Thanks again,


  • Splinx 49 posts 184 karma points
    Feb 18, 2020 @ 11:20

    You asked for feedback on this package and what we are using it for.... well, here goes buddy:

    Items that would be excellent to add...

    A. The optional ability to hyperlink to the linked document

    • I think that this is crucial because you might be linking from a node named in English to a node node named in Chinese (for example) and without the hyperlink it is a real pain to see the link and then have to search for and edit the document (rather than simply clicking).

    B. The optional ability to display document ID in the relationship

    • This is handy for administrators to confirm 100% which document is linked if there are multiple similar documents based on name.

    C. The optional ability to display the locale next to the linked document. Possibly having the option to group linked documents by locale too.

    • This is handy for where the copy is for localisation/translation of a site; this is something that I think is where the "relate document on copy" truly comes into play.
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