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  • Sander van de Pas 62 posts 122 karma points
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 15:44
    Sander van de Pas

    Multiple use of uDateFoldersy

    I need uDateFoldersy for 2 document types with for each document type another child document type. After adding one on the root node (e.g. NoticeOverview) it will display with years, months and day in the correct tree. When I do this for the other document type (e.g. ReleaseNoteOverview) it wil display correct with years etc.

    But when I change the date (currentDate) of the child document type (e.g. ReleaseNoteItem) it will not be displayed below ReleaseNoteOverview but below NoticeOverview. NoticeOverview is in the tree above ReleaseNoteOverview and ReleaseNoteOverview can only contain ReleaseNoteItem child items and NoticeOverview can only contain NoticeItem child items.

    Anyone ideas?

    Here's my config file:

        <DateFolders enabled="true">
            <!--- csv of doc type aliases which are the roots of where date folders should go (eg. news, blog)-->
            <!-- enables month folders -->
            <YearFolders enabled="true" docTypeAlias="uDateFoldersyFolderYear"/>
            <!-- enables month folders... note: this setting will not apply if year folders are disabled -->
            <MonthFolders enabled="true" docTypeAlias="uDateFoldersyFolderMonth"/>
            <!-- enables day folders... note: this setting will not apply if month folders are disabled -->
            <DayFolders enabled="true" docTypeAlias="uDateFoldersyFolderDay"/>
            <!-- csv of doc type aliases which will be put into folders -->
            <!-- the date property - must be a date type -->
                <!-- Valid values: M MM MMM MMMM == 3 03 Mar March -->
                <!-- Valid formats: d dd == 9 09 -->
  • Hicham Khabbazy 10 posts 32 karma points
    Dec 21, 2013 @ 23:11
    Hicham Khabbazy

    I have the same issue. In my case I a bloglanding and a newslanding document type. Everything is fine until I change the postdate in newsitem.

    The newsitem gets saved under the bloglanding. It seems there is a bug in determining the right landingpage.

    I've tested it and uDateFoldersy just takes the first RootDocTypeAliases in the config file. You can reproduce it by changing the order of the documenttypes.

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