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    Jan 10, 2020 @ 10:19

    Poor Performance Issues

    I have an issue for this on the git site, but I'm assuming the lack of response means the developers are on their holidays, so perhaps someone else might have some clues, as I am needing to deploy a solution for a number of our clients.

    I am running this on Umbraco-Cloud v7.15.3 - with the latest versions of ImageProcessor.Web, ImageProcessor.Web.Config, ImageProcessor.Web.Plugins.AzureBlobCache

    The AzureBlobCache provider is basically working, but the performance is not what I was hoping for, with the 302 redirect responses taking nearly a second per request.

    Umbraco-Cloud is obviously located in the MS Amsterdam-DC and my BlobStorage end-point is located in the MS Sydney-DC

    So I decided to implement the AzureCDNToolKit - 0.2.0-alpha-000062 - to try and eliminate those.

    With the AzureCDNToolKit enabled and appropriate code changes, first-time page requests are literally taking minutes to respond with the rendered html, at which point the embedded urls for the media resources are largely as expected - AzureBlobStorage/Cache or AzureBlobStorage/Media - and accessing content from the local BlobStorage is then fast ... but waiting a 2-3 minutes for a first-time page response is quite obviously not a workable situation, and during this time it's as if there is a DoS happening, with no other requests being handled by the site.

    To make matters worse, every time the site restarts (which is quite often with Umbraco-Cloud) the cached URLs appear to be lost and the whole painful process needs to be repeated - I'd like to have a way to avoid that, but can't see an option to change from temporary cache for the URLs.

    I also can't get the dashboard to work, either on the cloud site or my local dev copy of it - no urls listed and no servers selectable.

    I am obviously doing something wrong as I can't see anyone else with the same issues, but I also can't see the problem. As I said, it's working, but just veeeerrryyy slowly.

    I haven't yet implemented a CDN for the BlobStorage end-point, and don't know how much impact that is having, but I wouldn't have thought it would be the difference of minutes vs seconds for a page response.

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