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  • Jesse Andrews 182 posts 703 karma points
    Jan 20, 2020 @ 21:04
    Jesse Andrews

    Redirect not going to correct domain

    Umbraco: 8.2.2

    SEO Checker: 2.8.2

    I'm running into an issue where a redirect doesn't end up on the correct domain when redirecting to a node. Take the following example.

    There are two sites and managed through the same umbraco installation, each with their own root node. Both have a child page at /test/. When I redirect /not-test/ to the Test node under, redirects to as expected. The problem is that redirects to and not

    It is possible to get around this by redirecting to an absolute url instead of a node, though this isn't ideal.

  • Richard Soeteman 3970 posts 12472 karma points MVP
    Jan 21, 2020 @ 07:43
    Richard Soeteman

    Hi Jesse,

    In the general settings you can enable the following (coming from the manual )

    Store domain for not found url’s. When enabled the domain will be stored in the not found information. This allows you to specify multiple targets for a url coming from different domains such as

    Then it will work for you scenario.

    Hope this helps,


  • Jesse Andrews 182 posts 703 karma points
    Jan 21, 2020 @ 16:52
    Jesse Andrews

    That's not what I'm trying to do. I want to redirect a relative path across all domains to a single page on one of those domains. I can get this to work when I manually enter the absolute url for the target page

    redirects all domains to same page

    but it doesn't work as expected when I redirect to a specific node.

    redirects don't all go to the selected node

    It goes to the correct path, but doesn't factor in the domain of the selected node. In the example in the screenshots, the redirect should go to for all domains, but when I redirect by node goes to, even though the selected node has the domain

  • Richard Soeteman 3970 posts 12472 karma points MVP
    Jan 22, 2020 @ 07:49
    Richard Soeteman

    Ah ok,

    Indeed then you need to create a absolute url to redirect. On request level there is no info about the domains. And people assign bogus domains as well and that will cause a lot of other issues.



  • Elise Godskesen 6 posts 86 karma points
    Oct 27, 2020 @ 10:59
    Elise Godskesen

    We have the similar problem, and we actually experience that using the absolute url does not really work as expected because the old url (redirect from) is still saved as a relative path, even if you put it in as an absolute url.

    Maybe there is something wrong in how we setup Umbraco + SEO Checker?

    Umbraco: 8.6.4

    SEO Checker: 2.9.5

    We have several root nodes on the same Umbraco installation each with its own language and with its own domain: enter image description here

    So we have nodes with the same path, but different domains. When we put them in the Redirect manager, then even if we put in absolute old url, it is shown as a relative path + the redirect is saved for each domain in the installation, but shown only once in the Redirect manager.

    Because of this we cannot have both:

    • redirected to
    • and without redirects


    • redirected to

    • and redirected to

    It is also very confusing for our web editors, because they can never be sure what is really supposed to be redirected. We have also teams from different countries on different root nodes and they might not be aware that a node with the same relative path exists in other root nodes.

    Is it possible to at least bind the from-path to the domain where it is added on and not reuse it for all other domains on the installation? And maybe show the absolute from url in the Redirect manager table?

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