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  • Elise Godskesen 6 posts 86 karma points
    Nov 05, 2020 @ 07:36
    Elise Godskesen

    SEO Checker redirects not working

    We have SEO Checker 2.9.5 + Umbraco 8.6.4 -> and some redirects do not work regardless of how we add them - through redirect manager, through the data type, with or without absolute url. If a path that should be redirected is added once and is not working - it is doomed to never work, regardless whether we delete it, and readd later (and it gets a new NotFoundId) or if we edit it. Other paths added at the same time do work. But we see no patterns. It is like lottery - sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. When it does not work - nothing suspicious in the browser console, and in response to .../GetRedirects we cannot see any difference between paths that work and paths that do not work.

    Moreover, everytime when we add/delete/edit a redirect, we get significant spikes in load on our database. Amount of used Database Transaction Units increases 10x -> which makes it either expensive or risky in a long run. Our web editors are very frustrated, considering that redirects is the only SEO Checker's functionality that we use on daily basis.

  • Richard Soeteman 3970 posts 12472 karma points MVP
    Nov 05, 2020 @ 07:42
    Richard Soeteman

    Hi Elise,

    COuld it be that the redirects that don't work are logged in the inbound link errors overview, please delete them there first.

    Also there is a BOT filter that will ignore certain paths. Mostly WP-COntent etc.

    Also SEOChecker by default only acts on 404 status so if you create a redirect based on a URL that still exists you need to specify the Redirect when node exists option but that will inspect every request so will slow performane.

    For DB Issue. How many redirects do you have? 10000's?



  • Elise Godskesen 6 posts 86 karma points
    Nov 05, 2020 @ 08:00
    Elise Godskesen

    Thank you for the quick reply, Richard!

    We will look into the inbound link errors, thank you - but it is not a quick thing to do, since (as I just found out) we have 4000+ pages with these errors and the search on the inbound links errors overview is not working. We also get the "Possibly unhandled rejection" in the console on this overview -> could it be related / be the cause ?

    The redirects that do not work, are not working even on unpublished nodes. Also when we tried to turn on "Redirect when node exists" out webpage went down for an hour. We are not 100% that it was exactly because we turned on this option, but we do not want to risk again, before we replicate and investigate the issue in our dev environment.

    In the database we can see 11000+, but from our backoffice only 2000+ are exportable. Could it be because we have 5 domains on our umbraco installation?

  • Richard Soeteman 3970 posts 12472 karma points MVP
    Nov 05, 2020 @ 08:41
    Richard Soeteman

    Only use the redirect when node exists on a small ammopunt of redirects. I think export will only export the default language could also be the rest is inbound link errors.

    In the Inbound link errors you have the option Delete All (Popop meno next to save). That will clear all inbound link errors.

    Think yous hsould get rid of that first.



  • Elise Godskesen 6 posts 86 karma points
    Nov 09, 2020 @ 13:24
    Elise Godskesen

    Thank you, Richard!

    We did not manage to remove the inbound link errors through backoffice. We had 119850 of those errors, and even deleting one through the backoffice spiked the load on our database tremendously. So we did the clean-up directly in the database and it went well. It gave some visible improvements, for example, the inbound link errors table became searchable again (before, the search just "hanged" and nothing changed on the screen).

    Could it be that we are using SEO Checker incorrectly and that is why we get performance issues? Because of all the redirects that we found in our database, only 927 out of 10 000+ were the ones that we or our web editors set up intentionally. What is the correct way to use redirects in SEO Checker in order to not put yourself in the corner?

    We have 6 root nodes in our Umbraco installation with each own subdomain. Could it be that our performance is affected when redirects are created without providing the "Domain" option ("Only redirect when the url comes from the specified domain")? If yes, does it mean that we cannot use the Redirect data type, because when you create a redirect there, you cannot choose a specific domain?

    We get ca new 100 inbound link errors per hour. Which workflow are we supposed to have and which settings should we adjust in order to make it a manageable activity and not put extra load on the database? We get a lot of link errors for queries with google click identifier - how can we exclude them? Is it the "Store querystring for not found urls" option that affects it?

    Here how the situation with not-working redirects looked like after we removed all inbound link errors directly in the database:

    1. We checked that the "inbound link errors" view was empty in the
    2. We accessed one of the redirects that previously did not work.
    3. That redirect still did not work.
    4. After we accessed the non-working redirect it appeared in the "Inbound link error", so we edited that error as a proper redirect.
    5. A new redirect with the same path appeared in the Redirects data type on the node that the redirect goes to.
    6. In the redirect manager, we could see that the new redirect had a domain specified.
    7. Both redirects started working.

    But why does it happen at all that some redirects do not work and directly go to 404 even after we deleted all inbound link errors? Should we expect it to happen now and then? Could it be something wrong in the setup of our custom 404 page?

    You mention "Only use the redirect when node exists on a small ammopunt of redirects.". But what is a small amount of redirects? Are there other parts of SEO Checker's functionality that are not accessible for non-small amount of redirects? And how we can know where the limit goes, alternatively how can we limit SEO Checker to not cross the line after which we start getting the performance issues?

    Thank you beforehand!

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