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  • Danine Noble 75 posts 330 karma points
    Jan 31, 2024 @ 23:40
    Danine Noble

    Selected 404 Page ignored; shows default Umbraco 404

    Hullo ^^

    Quick question that may just be the answer to my problems:

    Does the 404 settings > Page Select just not work at all in trial mode on localhost, but still break custom 404s?

    Or am I missing some setup? I've glanced through the documentation pdf but didn't spot anything (though I could be blind)

    I've been trying to get the 404 settings to work with no luck. Previous to installation of this package I had a successful setup of a custom 404 page using the default Umbraco Error404Collection setting in appsettings.json.

    After install I can't get anything to work.

    If the SEO Domain settings > 404 settings is blank, my Error404Collection appsettings is ignored. Default Umbraco page 404 shows.

    If the SEO Domain settings > 404 settings has a selected page, it changes nothing; default Umbraco page 404 shows.

    I tried removing the appsettings entry but it changed nothing. Otherwise, using latest SEO Checker (v13.1.0) & latest Umbraco (v13.1.0).

  • Richard Soeteman 4035 posts 12842 karma points MVP
    Feb 01, 2024 @ 09:35
    Richard Soeteman


    Just tested with same versions and picked page in Umbraco and requesting a page shows the selected page.

    Anything specific in your setup?

  • Danine Noble 75 posts 330 karma points
    Feb 01, 2024 @ 16:17
    Danine Noble

    I'm not sure where else to look. As mentioned this was working fine with appsettings as per Umbraco Documentation until I installed SEO Checker package.

    I have the ErrorController also as per the Umbraco Documentation and that still works for 500s. Doesn't do anything for 404s normally, and I tested adding that statusCode to it but same thing: default Umbraco 404 page.

    Any ideas on where to look for what I've done that could be interfering? There's no custom route hijacking in the project. The only custom stuff I've written is a couple html field helpers.

    I only have Contentment, uSync, & Node Defender installed otherwise for packages. I've tried cleaning and rebuilding and closing, even did a nuget cache clear, etc, to see if there's anything hung up.

    Content Tree wise it's:

    Site Definition (root) -> Home (w/ hostname) -> Folder-w-error-pages -> Page404

    Gunna try removing package and see if problem persists. That's the only other thing I can think of to try. thinks Just to at least make sure I haven't done anything otherwise to mess it up by itself :3

    Who knows!? Maybe a reinstall is just the magic it needs.

    Edit: Confirmed everything works fine again after removing SEO Checker. Get custom 404 page instead of default Umbraco. Appsettings piece is just this:

    "Error404Collection": [
        "Culture": "default",
        "ContentKey": "3f1a622b-90f3-4bf4-8f3b-9c50a36db221"

    Which as mentioned in documentation isn't expected to work with SEO Checker. Reinstalled SEO Checker and back to same problem. Always default Umbraco 404.

    Edit 2: Bonus test. Tested 404 setting with selected page that has SEO Checker properties and one that doesn't (page404 doesn't). No effect. Long shot but eh, worth a try xD

    I have checked the Umbraco logs but there's nothing around it.

    Also have tested this with CSP disabled & toggled Umbraco's default URL Tracker on/off but no effect in any case.

  • Danine Noble 75 posts 330 karma points
    Feb 05, 2024 @ 15:35
    Danine Noble

    Another test I thought of on the weekend...

    I did have hostnames setup on the Home node, but with 'localhost:####' for spinning up local development. I have now tested removing that on the home node just in case any hostname setup would affect the trial license.

    Didn't change anything. Still getting default Umbraco 404s


  • Danine Noble 75 posts 330 karma points
    Feb 22, 2024 @ 15:31
    Danine Noble

    Still looking for any ideas on what else to try or look at for why installing SEO Checker only ever shows default Umbraco 404 pages regardless of even its own settings.


    * EDIT *

    I found it... xD I feel so dumb!

    I had SEO Checker's 'Enable redirect module' turned off not realizing it was required for, cough redirecting cough, to custom 404s. Turning that option on and now Page 404s are working. I don't remember turning it off and I guess Umbraco saved the setting when I gutted it and reinstalled @.@

    It's nice when it's easy fix at least... xD

    Thank you anyone who spent any time reading or attempting to assist quietly. And much thanks to Richard for responding at all <3

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